Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 4- Your Favourite Print

I am a sucker for all things print, the wackier the better sometimes. I have become a big fan of all things tribal.  I love stripes even though I am constantly advised not to wear them (I never listen) Out of all the printed clothes I own I had to re post my new Asos dress, the print is called Tex Mex. Its the brightest and wackiest print I own at the moment so naturally its my favourite print right now!

I wont bore you too much as you have seen it before, like I said this is my happy dress, you can't be sad when your wearing this much colour! Thanks for reading.XOXO


  1. These colours look fantastic on you! Great dress x

  2. I have this dress too, but it swamped me so I shortened it. Looks amazing on you!