Sunday, 20 May 2012

T.F.B Series

Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/Jumper-Dorothy Perkins/Jacket-South @Isme/Shoes-Debenhams/Bag/Bracelet-H&M

I do love this simple casual look I might love it more because its my tweed jacket she has on ( can you imagine I haven't even worn it yet lol)

Jacket-TK.Max/Top-New Look/Jeans/Necklace-Dorothy Perkins

A quick pic of my T.F.B no2 on her birthday in Bedford the land of the farmers (she's a country bumpkin) she'll kill me for that but anyway I ain't never scared! lol Look at that wining smile of hers, love it! Until next week folks. XOXO

Day 20- Shoes you love but hardly wear


So you saw these in my Day 19 post. I have never stepped foot outside the house in these shoes just because they are the most uncomfortable weapons of torture disguised as shoes I have ever worn. I put them on for 5 mins and my feet start to recoil inside the shoe, they are hard on the base of your feet because of the wooden sole. I don't even think party feet can help me in this one. Its such a shame because I LOVE THEM.
When I saw them online I instantly fell in love, I stalked them for weeks until they finally went in the sale where I got them for a cool £30.
As soon as they arrived at my door and I tried it on I knew that it wouldn't work for me, but somehow in a moment of madness I convinced myself it was possible to train my feet to love being in them. Well I failed big time lol and now every so often I dust them off and prance around in them for a whole 5 mins (that's my limit) hoping that my feet will warm to them, I 'm still waiting for that union. So maybe I might give them away (maybe) Thanks for reading. XOXO

Day 19- An article of clothing/jewellery that instantly makes you feel great

So lets get right to the point, I 'm going to say my skinny jeans (these ones in particular) make me feel great! I love the way my legs look in these, solid, strong and thick! lol I paired it with my brand new sheer top I got from New Look, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I don't even care that you can see my wobble bits through the shirt, I got wobble bits so deal with it lol back to the jeans they are comfy and soft, very stretchy so I can fool around in them all day without feeling like they are cutting my blood flow! Oh and yes I have new hair, Jet black hair always makes me feel mysterious lol

Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/Shirt-New Look/Shoes-Asos/Necklace-Forever 21

I do love these jeans, I never really buy jeans from Dorothy Perkins because of past experiences but I am glad to say they have been stepping their game up in that department. This top has to be my first purchase in the hi-low trend need me a hi-low skirt next. Thanks for reading. XOXO

Day 18- Your brightest lipstick

Yeah I know playing catch up again! OK so no more lame ass excuses this week is gonna be tough for me only because I am doing mad shifts at work which require me to be up at 3am and out the house by 4am, so I am shattered and when I get home all I have energy to do is crawl in bed and lay still! So forgive me if this week I am behind schedule, better late than never right?!

I bought this lipstick from Sleek last year and haven't really worn it yet because I find it quite shocking, although I adore the colour. I am not sure if the picture really shows the colour at its truest.

I remember once speaking to someone who worked for Nars when I was looking for a fuchsia lipstick, about my fear of bold colour on my lips, I remember the guy waving me off and telling me how lucky I was to be dark skinned because I could wear any colour and look fabulous! Sometimes I beg to differ lol This is my attempt at being fabulous in bright colour.

So what do you think, pass or fail? Thanks for stopping by. XOXO

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 17- Something you wear when it's sunny

Woop Woop I am finally up with the programme, I guess I did kind of cheat but at least I didn't skip out on the days and they eventually got completed, onwards and upwards now!

So something I wear when its sunny has to be my sandals (of course) I have a love of toe post sandals 98% of my summer shoes are toe post sandals. So I just thought I would show you my top 4 at the moment, I cant wait for the sun to come out and stay out, I can't take this teasing lol


Coleen @ Isme

Joe Browns-Simply Be
Linzi Shoes
I can't wait to actually wear them. I LOVE my sandals! Thanks for reading and hello new followers!! XOXO

Day 16- A customised item

I haven't really customised anything of recent. I think I had intentions but just never got round to doing it! So for this post I had to dig into the archives and re post my thrifted dress I blinged out.

I no longer have this as my mum stole it from me lol I did enjoy doing it and was pleased with the end result! Looking at the pictures reminds me I need a new project! I remember I only paid £3 for the dress and the beads cost £1 per packet. Sometimes its good to embellish your own clothes and save some money, its not hard to do and you end up with something that looks expensive and unique. Go on give it a try. XOXO 

Day 15- Nail art/your favourite polish and your nail varnish collection

OK OK I know its not day 15, I have a lot of catching up to do! Expect a few posts lol Sometimes unexpected things  happen, things you can't plan for, such is life I guess.

Anyhoo I didn't realise how big my nail varnish collection was until I laid them all out! I guess its safe to say I might have a slight obsession with nail polish!!

I remember a time when I always went to the nail shop to get my nails done, I hardly had any nail polishes of my own but when I had to review my spending I decided to save some money and do it myself! That was the beginning of my collection.

These are a few of the colours I've had this week. I love taking time out and pampering myself, I recommend you take an hour out of your day if you can and close the world out doing something that makes you happy, we all need to de stress sometimes! Thanks for Reading. XOXO

Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 14- The item that was hardest to hunt down/buy

Shirt-Isme/Dress-Forever 21/Shoes-Head Over Heels/Necklace-Forever 21

This sheer long black shirt had to be the item hardest to come buy, only because every time I tried to order it online my size was sold out! Hate when that happens. It comes with a belt (same material) but I choose not to wear it so I can wear it like a jacket. I have so many ways in mind to wear this but I chose to pair it with my Forever 21 dress which I love but don't really wear because of my arm issues lol
Hope everyone has started the week of right! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Sunday, 13 May 2012

T.F.B. Series

Yep it's Sunday again and time for my T.F.B instalment. Yes surprise its Tisha again lol like I said you will probably see her the most cause she has no problems in getting in front of that camera.

Jacket- coleen Rooney @ Isme/Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/ Vest-H&M/Shoes-Love Label @ Isme

This is my kind of look, jeans, top, and stylish blazer! Oh and lets not forget the hotness that is those shoes! Simple and sexy, the pop of colour from the shoes sets it all off! LOVE IT. Until next week, thanks for reading. XOXO

Day 13Your lazy day at home with style (in front of your housemates/bf/visitor) outfit

This is the easiest day for me because if I am not in my work uniform 9-times out of 10 I am in some kind of jeans and top combo, not forgetting my beloved Converse. The way I change things up is usually with my jewellery.

Jeans/Top-Dorothy Perkins/Trainers-Converse/Jewellery-Forever 21

This is me in my most comfortable state, yeah so its nothing really special never that blog worthy really but it is what it is. If I am going out I just pop on my favourite Simply Be jacket and hey presto its instantly styled up! I love that jacket!

Jacket-Simple Be/Necklace-H&M

Like I said all I do is change up the jewellery. Don't get me wrong I can style it up more and that's usually when I have somewhere to go other than the shop lol Thanks for reading. XOXO

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 12- The Outfit You've Had The Best Times In

I've had so many good times in many outfits, I don't really repeat outfits that much so to say I repeatedly had a great time in one particular outfit wouldn't fit my life. So instead I will go back to 2010 the year when I went to visit my besty in Madrid,  Miss Rebequita Rose to be exact check out her blog too it was one I nominated on my list.
This outfit I didn't wear but purchased over in Madrid I actually believe Rebequita also bought this top and skirt. I decided to choose this outfit because I had a blast visiting her and it reminds me of the good times we had. It also reminds me that I am over due on a visit lol

To pay further homage to my T.F.B over seas I wore it with the necklace she gifted me for Christmas! Love you girl!

Top/Skirt- Shop in Madrid lol/ Necklace-gifted/ Shoes-Evans

I love this skirt and haven't really made use of it so maybe this will be a summer staple! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 11- Your Spring Essential

OK I am cutting this post fine, it's been a super long day today and as soon as I got home my priority was stuffing my face lol
So today is all about my spring essential, that's a tough one because I never actually gave thought to what is important during this time of year.  I can do a post about some item of clothing I can't be without during spring but I think I will take a different route, to me during spring leading into summer what I find essential is having a glowy appearance.

Having a face regime is very important all year round but I find during spring when the sun is bright and the weather is warmer I want my skin to breath so I like to go easy on the foundation, lets keep it real I NEED foundation, my skin has blemishes, discolouration  but I can get away with minimal foundation if i have a good smooth base.

One thing I recommend everyone invest in is a face brush, this little baby works wonders on your skin, since I've been using it my face has been so soft and smooth like a babies behind! My face is left feeling clean and fresh!

A few other products I use are from Kiehl's.  I admit its quite pricey but if you can splash out a little then I highly reccomend it.

Acai Damage-Repairing Serum

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Midnight Recovery Eye

As we are not getting any younger I feel it very important to keep those fine lines at bay, these three little wonders are really good and for someone with sensitive skin like myself I have no problems! I've been using these products for awhile now I notice a youthful apperance in my skin I mean come on people I am 30 in a matter of months and people still think I am 25 or under! Never a bad thing right!

Another product to add to that glowing appearance is Lustre Drops by Mac. Don't be put of by the size of the product as you litterally use just a drop to your foundation so this will last a long time.

This product only comes in two shades, for darker skin tones I use Sun Rush. It gives you a luminous shimmering finish. I love it and will never stop using it as long as they stock it!
What's your spring essential? Thanks for reading! XOXO

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 10-Cute Tights

To me this was a random post to do considering I don't wear tights, and if I do there is nothing cute about them!
I see cute tights I like but unfortunately they never come in my size. I see the generic fish net tights, ones with dots or some kind of lacy pattern but to me I find them boring. Maybe someone knows where to get cute big girl tights? Let me know if you do, I want ones like these...

So yeah this post today did not excite me, anyway I thought I would show you my version of a cute tight, OK its not a tight more like the knee high sock!

Skirt-Dorothy Perkins/ Jumper-New Look/ Scarf-Dorothy Perkins/ Leg Warmers-H&M/ Boots-Simply Be

Yes so they are not exactly knee high socks but leg warmers but they work for me, in life you got to do what works best for you! They actually stay put which is a plus.

I guess I've never been that conventional, I wear leggings as tights and leg warmers as knee high socks lol So arrest me already!!

Anyway onto a completely different subject now, I'll give you a brief summery of my colonic! I would say this, I see the benefits of having one and the part I freaked out the most (tube insertion) was simply and painless (I should of asked for the name of that miracle lube)
The problem I had was I started my period so I had those uncomfortable cramps plus I ate chilli the night before (very stupid of me know I get slight IBS) so it was safe to say I was regular enough in that department. The whole thing was uncomfortable for me (more psychological) It's a very strange feeling to be pumped with water via the arse lol
I would try under different circumstances, maybe. I just found the whole experience slightly embarrassing lol

So anyhoo..... Once again thanks for reading and commenting and a special thanks to Rachel from A Dress Is For Life for also nominating me for an award, you should check her blog out, I love her style and her dresses! XOXO