Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 11- Your Spring Essential

OK I am cutting this post fine, it's been a super long day today and as soon as I got home my priority was stuffing my face lol
So today is all about my spring essential, that's a tough one because I never actually gave thought to what is important during this time of year.  I can do a post about some item of clothing I can't be without during spring but I think I will take a different route, to me during spring leading into summer what I find essential is having a glowy appearance.

Having a face regime is very important all year round but I find during spring when the sun is bright and the weather is warmer I want my skin to breath so I like to go easy on the foundation, lets keep it real I NEED foundation, my skin has blemishes, discolouration  but I can get away with minimal foundation if i have a good smooth base.

One thing I recommend everyone invest in is a face brush, this little baby works wonders on your skin, since I've been using it my face has been so soft and smooth like a babies behind! My face is left feeling clean and fresh!

A few other products I use are from Kiehl's.  I admit its quite pricey but if you can splash out a little then I highly reccomend it.

Acai Damage-Repairing Serum

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Midnight Recovery Eye

As we are not getting any younger I feel it very important to keep those fine lines at bay, these three little wonders are really good and for someone with sensitive skin like myself I have no problems! I've been using these products for awhile now I notice a youthful apperance in my skin I mean come on people I am 30 in a matter of months and people still think I am 25 or under! Never a bad thing right!

Another product to add to that glowing appearance is Lustre Drops by Mac. Don't be put of by the size of the product as you litterally use just a drop to your foundation so this will last a long time.

This product only comes in two shades, for darker skin tones I use Sun Rush. It gives you a luminous shimmering finish. I love it and will never stop using it as long as they stock it!
What's your spring essential? Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Those are some swanky face creams :) I use boots protect and perfect since I turned 21 I have a fear of wrinkles lol xx

    1. they are swanky but well worth it lol i am glad my skin is good cause i started this late xoxo