Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 20- Shoes you love but hardly wear


So you saw these in my Day 19 post. I have never stepped foot outside the house in these shoes just because they are the most uncomfortable weapons of torture disguised as shoes I have ever worn. I put them on for 5 mins and my feet start to recoil inside the shoe, they are hard on the base of your feet because of the wooden sole. I don't even think party feet can help me in this one. Its such a shame because I LOVE THEM.
When I saw them online I instantly fell in love, I stalked them for weeks until they finally went in the sale where I got them for a cool £30.
As soon as they arrived at my door and I tried it on I knew that it wouldn't work for me, but somehow in a moment of madness I convinced myself it was possible to train my feet to love being in them. Well I failed big time lol and now every so often I dust them off and prance around in them for a whole 5 mins (that's my limit) hoping that my feet will warm to them, I 'm still waiting for that union. So maybe I might give them away (maybe) Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. I have shoes like this too but I do force my feet into them and take the pain I usually wear them when I'll be mostly sitting xx

  2. Im sure designers are evil and make the prettiest shoes hurt like hell :( I have a few pairs that do the same but Ive never been bold enough to throw them away! xxxx