Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cinema = Shopping

Don't you just hate it when you tell yourself "that's it no more buys for the month!" and never keep to it! (or is that just me?)
Yesterday was supposed to be a straight forward day of cinema and home. But when your cinema is located within a shopping haven (Westfields) and you have time to kill, it's gonna go down very differently!

I didn't buy a lot of things in my defence, and some of the things I did buy were on offer
At £2 each this was a steal from Kiko, I've never really heard of them before but they have a small store in Westfields.  These were reduced but looking at their full price products it was not that expensive, lip glosses as cheap as £4.50 full price. I couldn't get a good picture of the white nail polish but it has a pretty pink pearl finish to it.

The lipstick is a matte finish, it's not too bright on the lips and has a frosted affect

And on yours truly...

I love it, what a bargain. The colour is no 9. Now on to Forever 21+. When I heard the store was opening in Stratford I was  so excited! I had been on the website a numerous amount of times always blown away by the selection and quantity of plus size clothing available to me, I had even purchased online before they moved to my sides of the pond. So imagine my despair when I walk into a 3 storey store only to find a corner section (I can't even describe how small it is) of Forever 21 Plus! I mean come on! Is this a joke, the store is huge! Not to mention it is badly laid out, there are 3 different styles on one arm, there is no flow to the layout, you have to rummage through everything like its a jumble sale! When you look at the rest of the store everything is beautifully laid out, which is even more of an insult that they don't think us plus babies deserve the same amount of effort and consideration! Anyway enough of my ranting and on to what I did manage to find
 Its a printed shrug and a sheer laced edge black top! Not the best pictures I know but it's just a sneak peak.

I just love the lace edging to the black top, can't wait to wear it when its a little warmer. Its too cold to freeze my goodies! Also these two gorgeous rings

Lets talk about scarves. I went into Dorothy Perkins the other day and picked up this for £7
I was inspired by Shirley from Meek n Mild on different ways to wear your scarves, and I turned mine into a bow

Don't you just love the cats
This is turning into a bad hair day saver! lol Definitely need to invest in some more. Thanks for reading XOXO

Saturday, 28 January 2012

It's Meeeeeeeee

Yes, I'm back, still alive and kicking! Ready for all that 2012 has to offer! Its been far too long but armed with a brand new camera and tripod I hope to get this blog back on the road to recovery.  Thanks to all who still pass by my little space in this world, it is much appreciated, don't be afraid to say hi.

 So I am now girlfriend to "Ex Marine", before we start jumping around like giddy school girls screaming its early days still (6 months) which is really 3 months if you factor in my un-sociable work hours. He is lovely, treats me well always wants to pay for everything, plus my mum likes him (always a bonus) my issue is that he is not an open person. I am a big talker of things, if something pisses me off or someone upsets me I like to deal with it by talking about it, but him on the other hand is the complete opposite and doesn't deal with it, instead it festers or he just goes out and gets plastered (plastered is not a regular occurrence) either way its foreign to me. Because he is such an onion i am giving him some time to open up a little more, we shall see how it goes.

I still have my shitty job that controls my life (but pays well lol) I still live with two fabulous ladies. Right now I am content in life which is great considering I am 30 this year!
I did a big clear out of my wardrobe the other day and had a bin bag full to the brim of un-wanted items. These things have been passed on to charities (waste not want not) All i am doing is clearing space for more never to be warm garments lol

Here are two more garments currently waiting on delivery from the wonderful world of Asos
Pencil skirt in Yokopop print

Pencil skirt in Brushstroke print
I am in love with these skirts, they are soo funky! I think I can make it work.  I've never been a fan of yellow but I am making an exception. In terms of style I don't have a particular style I just like what I like. I am trying to find more clothes that will stand the test of time style wise, hopefully things that won't bore me after 2 wears. I am digging the pencil skirt at the moment I love how feminine it makes you feel, how sexy you become, i love how it hugs all the right places. The pencil skirt is my secret weapon for 2012. What's yours?? xoxo