Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 13Your lazy day at home with style (in front of your housemates/bf/visitor) outfit

This is the easiest day for me because if I am not in my work uniform 9-times out of 10 I am in some kind of jeans and top combo, not forgetting my beloved Converse. The way I change things up is usually with my jewellery.

Jeans/Top-Dorothy Perkins/Trainers-Converse/Jewellery-Forever 21

This is me in my most comfortable state, yeah so its nothing really special never that blog worthy really but it is what it is. If I am going out I just pop on my favourite Simply Be jacket and hey presto its instantly styled up! I love that jacket!

Jacket-Simple Be/Necklace-H&M

Like I said all I do is change up the jewellery. Don't get me wrong I can style it up more and that's usually when I have somewhere to go other than the shop lol Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. i love that jacket the shoulders are amazing. if you have seen my post i do actually wear the onsie in front of guest! xx

  2. You look STUNNING!!! I want that blazer!!! lol

  3. Thanks hun, It's actually funny cause I bought the jacket twice in a 22 and 20, i loved it that much was thinking ahead incase i lose weight lol