Thursday, 29 March 2012

There's Just Something Magic About The Theatre!

Has everyone been enjoying this recent sunny spell like I have? I hope so, its days like these I love living in London. I've been a busy bee this week, I have made the most of my week off and enjoyed the weather, catching up with friends, laughing enjoying my life really! I don't know why but I have been in a good mood of late, maybe it's the sun!
Anyway this week I treated my T.F.B to a night at the theatre to see Legally Blonde ( it was an early birthday present) I'm gonna be honest it wouldn't have been my first choice but since she kept on about going I thought it would make a nice gift, I haven't even seen any of the films (by choice)
To my surprise I really enjoyed it, it had the most camp moments but it made me laugh out loud and nod my head to the catchy songs, I totally recommend it.

I had recently purchased a new lipstick from Mac called Rebel. I just want to say on record if I could wear this lipstick everyday I would! It has become my favourite lippy of the moment!

I have been obsessed with black eyeliner and bold lips of late, it seems to be my new look I think its the new hair do my flatmate calls "Hollywood" I guess I can say that's how I feel with it lol

So on to the outfit, I decided to go quite simple really, I wore my Asos top (I am sure everyone owns by now lol) and some simple jeans. I felt comfortable which will always be the way I wanna feel in my clothes

Necklace-Forever 21


Happy to say the T.F.B thoroughly enjoyed herself. I do love the theatre in general I should definitely make it a rule to go more often, I am open to recommendations. XOXO

Monday, 12 March 2012

Coloured Jeans OOTD

Ok so I've had my eye on coloured jeans for a while but had issues to whether I could pull it off! I decided to just throw myself into this whole trend with not 1 but 2 purchases! I know I did play it safe with the colours but baby steps!

In efforts to bring you some pictures I had to get hands on with my tripod (this was challenging) This taking pictures malarkey is not easy and once again I have so much respect to all those bloggers that manage it and make it look EFFORTLESS! I warn you these are not the best pictures but be patient with me in time I am sure I will get better. 

I thought I would pair my new jumpers with them to make it more of a casual look.

Jeans-New Look
Rings-Forever 21

I love the New Look jeans, they fit snug as a rug plus the colour is lovely and will be great in summer with sandals. This is one of my favorite jumpers, I am gonna try and wear it as much as I can, the weather is starting to get a little warmer.

Jumper-Dorothy Perkins
Jeans-South for Very
Necklace-Forever 21

As much as I love the vibrant blue of the jeans the star of the show is the necklace!The necklace makes me feel important lol Oh and this jumper is another firm favourite at the moment! Never been a big fan of the colour blue but its becoming a big grower on me! How are you feeling about coloured skinnies? What colours are a No No? Thanks for reading! XOXO

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Be Styling...The T.F.B Edition, Plus 20% Off Dorothy Perkins Online Code

Hello everyone, hope Thursday finds you in a good place. I am ecstatic! No work for 4 days, no more alarm going off at 3am for work, I get to have a lay in! I swear when I do this shift I am no good to anyone! I decided to stay indoors today, the T.F.B (top flight bredrin) had an evening at the theatre to see Thriller, as per usual she came to me for a little help in what to wear! lol  With the help of my shirt, and clutch i we came up with this simple but effective look.

Get ready for an overload of photos...

Oh and I totally love her cape style coat...

So as much as she won't admit it she knows she needs me in her life, I make her look good! (She will kill me) Its great when you can swap wardrobes I have a saying in the house "what's mine is yours and what yours is mine" her saying is "whats yours is mine, and whats mine is mine" see the difference lo

Shirt/scarf necklace/shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans- New Look
Coat- Love Label
Clutch Bag- Asos

I plan to be out and about this weekend so I shoud have an OOTD of my own, so until then enjoy your coming weekend. Thanks for reading. XOXO

P.S. Here is another discount code for you DP lovers, its a lovely 20% off plus £1 delivery charge until 14th March. Just enter DPVOFFER20 at the checkout!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I Spy.....March Wants

Hi all, just a quick post to show what I'm lusting over.  Is it weird but Internet window shopping gets me so excited!  I can't hit the purchase button at the moment though *sob sob*
On a separate note, I am still persevering with my detox 1 week down, 2 more to go! It's not easy, it's getting harder and harder now my cravings have kicked in! Some days I am OK, other days I am moody as hell! I do feel different already, I don't feel so bloated and heavy so that's a good thing! Can't wait to see the results after its over.




Happy shopping my beauties. Thanks for reading. XOXO

Thursday, 1 March 2012

It's a New Day

Hello my lovelies, it's the first day of the month! I'm excited because I have decided to make some changes in my life.  First thing was getting rid of the boyfriend! After the big cock up of valentines day he never really recovered or attempted to make any kind of effort, you might say he dropped of the earth! I've never been the kind of girl to chase after a guy, and that's what it started to feel like I am mature enough to know when someone is not interested, actions speak louder than words, that's something that stays with me, besides I love myself enough to know I deserve more.  So while my spirit is vexed I am OK and still have a positive attitude towards love.

I have decided to look after my body starting from the inside out. Your body is a temple as they say and my temple is slightly in ruins! In order to start a fresh I have to cleanse my body, so I am on a 3 week detox.  This particular detox recommended by JJ Smith (nutritionist) means I live like a vegan for the duration. 

This is hard for me and I am only day 2, but when your used to eating meat, dairy, processed food, sugar etc it has proved quite a challenge already! I feel like I have to learn how to cook all over again as I am using ingredients I've never used before. The joke of it is I still have 19 days to go! The good thing is my housemates are also doing it, so you don't feel so alone you have that support.  I also have a colonic booked! That's right I am going hardcore.  When the 3 weeks are up I can eat normally again, I just have to make better food choices and lay off the takeaways! I feel positive that I will complete it! I need to take better care of myself, I am 30 in September I wanna feel and be more healthy. Let me tell you I can't wait to tear up some chicken though.

This was me first vegan meal I made, it was actually quite tasty, the brown rice takes some getting used to. All I kept thinking to myself was it was missing some kind of meat!
Chickpea and Spinach Curry, Basmati Brown Rice, Garlic Mushrooms
Green Vegetables

I haven't got an outfit post for you as I have been inside for 2 days, sometimes it's nice to stay in doors. But look what came in the post today...

I am becoming obsessed with Converse, this is my 4th pair now. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day, plus they seem to work with most of my wardrobe, I just need to find a way to wear them on nights out lol.  I hope you all have a positive attitude. Thanks for reading. XOXO