Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 18- Your brightest lipstick

Yeah I know playing catch up again! OK so no more lame ass excuses this week is gonna be tough for me only because I am doing mad shifts at work which require me to be up at 3am and out the house by 4am, so I am shattered and when I get home all I have energy to do is crawl in bed and lay still! So forgive me if this week I am behind schedule, better late than never right?!

I bought this lipstick from Sleek last year and haven't really worn it yet because I find it quite shocking, although I adore the colour. I am not sure if the picture really shows the colour at its truest.

I remember once speaking to someone who worked for Nars when I was looking for a fuchsia lipstick, about my fear of bold colour on my lips, I remember the guy waving me off and telling me how lucky I was to be dark skinned because I could wear any colour and look fabulous! Sometimes I beg to differ lol This is my attempt at being fabulous in bright colour.

So what do you think, pass or fail? Thanks for stopping by. XOXO


  1. i love this lipstick it looks really good on you :) i have some from sleek they give really good coverage. xx

    1. Thank u, I was impressed by the quality of Sleek, you can't go wrong with the price xoxo

  2. I love the lip color!
    Love the pants! Great price!