Monday, 30 April 2012

I'm Bringing Sexy Back...OK Maybe Not!

So this is the dress I wore on a night out. There is nothing like a black dress to make you feel sexy! I love this dress because its a perfect length for me, I just hate my arms but oh well such is life lol

Obviously worn with some hardcore shape wear, I love this dress! I paired this with my never before worn shoes (which wasn't such a good idea) After a couple of hours in them they felt like they were cutting off my circulation! I decided to go with the minimal approach, less is more right!

Dress-Dorothy Perkins

Anyway I've been contemplating taking part in that 31 day blogging challenge, would love to commit myself to a post everyday for the month of May, it would be a lot of pressure on my part and I don't want to fail! Hmmmm decisions decisions! Who else is taking part? Thanks for reading. XOXO

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The T.F.B. Series

OK it's that time again, happy to bring you my second instalment of this new series! Let me Introduce you to my second T.F.B also my flatmate.

Everybody meet Hum, this lady is also special to me! I would say our style choices sometimes differ and sometimes she might need more convincing on a look that I like, but man does she have style! She doesn't always go out and get spruced up like me an Tisha but when she does I never worry because she always looks on point!
This was an outfit on a night out we had (let me tell you we don't have many of them all together) And as always the girl scrubs up well lol

If this girl had her way she would have stayed home, OK it was raining cats and dogs but still! The difference with us is that I enjoy getting dressed up, she doesn't, it's a chore for her lol

Jumpsuit-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-Red Herring

I love the jumpsuit, always been something I wished I could pull off but sadly it doesn't suit me!
Wishing everyone a happy Sunday, here's hoping your experiencing better weather where you are. Thanks for reading, and welcome new followers! XOXO

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yep It's That Skirt Again

OK OK I know I just did a post on this skirt but I found another way to wear it, this time a little more dressy, maybe for a cool summers night.

Ignore the fact that my red bra is slightly visible (if you didn't notice then oops!) I always wanted to try the knitted jumper tucked into skirt combo, just never found the right combo. Somehow I feel this one works only because the top isn't so bulky.

The more pictures I post the more my bra starts to irritate me lol Oh well you get the look I'm going for right! Don't you worry I never left the house in it! Plus the more chances I get to wear my shoes can only be a good thing.

The top is brand spanking new, I instantly fell in love with the mint green colour!  I swear the last 7 days I have been crazy shopping, Its funny how you can spend so much and not have much to show! So depressing! I'm gonna have to tie those purse strings if I wanna survive the next 3 weeks! 

Top-Dorothy Perkins

I am so tired, work has been kicking my behind! Getting up at 3am is never fun, but roll on Friday I have a nice long weekend to look forward to, the weather is spoiling my plans though, I can't stand the rain! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Monday, 23 April 2012

3 Is The Magic Number

OMG another post I hear you say! I know I am spoiling you guys. I am happy to report that I have finally got to grips with my tripod, so no more harassing the T.F.B for pictures, she'll be happy!

I bought this skirt from Next for £3, yes that's right it's not a typo £3!! That's me doing my £3 jig lol
I love the mesh layers, it's light and airy and I feel very girly in it.

So this is pretty much how I'd wear this skirt, very casual. I didn't wanna come across as to princess like cause that's just not me. Definitely a summer outfit, another one to add to my growing collection, so bring on the sun!

The skirt is in a size 16 (trust me I am no size 16) but just goes to show how far an elasticated waist will stretch! lol

I am loving this skirt and Next get a thumbs up. I usually steer clear from Next just because I find it too expensive, just goes to show sometimes it's good to browse.

White Tee-H&M
Belt-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-Head Over Heels

Happy Monday people and thanks for reading! Oh and welcome to the new readers and followers, you make my day. XOXO

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The T.F.B Series

Hi guy's hope you all had a great weekend! I've decided to start a new segment called the T.F.B (Top Flight Bredrin) series. I thought I would dedicate a section of my blog to the stylish people in my life! Mainly being my flatmates! They forever give me style inspiration, I love that I am able to have friends that I live with who share my passion for fashion. Being big girls in a small world is hard, hard, hard, especially when all you wanna do is look fashionable and feel good on a daily basis!
So since they were kind enough to consent, every Sunday I will do a special post starting from today!

Let me introduce you formally to Letticia (Tisha for short) She has featured in my blog many a time, more importantly she normally takes my blog pictures! She usually entertains my notions of getting dressed up just for the hell of it! lol I am sure she will feature the most in this series. She has great sense of style and she is never afraid to think outside the box and try something new style wise!

Everything-Dorothy Perkins

I love this nautical look, I have yet to jump on board this one (no pun intended lol) See you next Sunday. Thanks for reading. XOXO

Friday, 20 April 2012

Step Into Technicolour

So it's Friday already, where has the week gone?! That's the thing about shift work, weekends are nothing special when you have to work!
It's been an odd week, had a date which was pretty lame lol and my Ex decided after 2 months to get in contact (Oh how I hate drama) One good thing was pay day, woop woop! I've been spending, I need to curb my enthusiasm and prioritise before I lose control! This is one of my new purchases from Asos.

I got this in the sale, I'd been eyeing it up for awhile, I was torn between love and hate! Its completely out of my comfort zone, wasn't sure, felt like Joseph in his dream coat! But when it arrived today my heart skipped a beat, I slipped this baby on and after the initial shock of colour I absolutely love it!

I paired it with my brown flat sandals from Head over Heels and my gold collar necklace which also arrived today from Asos. I wore a waist belt to give me a little more shape. I love it, it's my happy dress, I know some of you might not feel the same about this one, and I totally understand if you are against it, in another time I would have turned my nose up at it, I guess the older I get the more I evolve! Change is good right?!

I can't wait til the sun comes out to wear this little number, somehow I feel like I should be in Mexico drinking Tequila. I can also make it more of an evening outfit with some heels no? The endless possibilities lol

I wish everyone a colourful weekend! Let me know what you think of this! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shoe Power!

Some days I feel like playing dress up! Early this week I took a trip to Matalan with my flatmate who had to take a few things back. The plan was not to shop but you can't hold a good girl down, even with £20 in my purse I managed to snag these beauty's that I want to wear with everything! I call them my summer 2012 bang bang shoes, yes its a mouthful but its the way I feel!
So I centred an entire outfit around it, I even got to wear a top I've had from last year that had never been worn, that's a double bonus, these shoes were meant to be in my life! They are supa high but supa comfortable, triple threat, POW!!!

Yes, you know you love them lol So I had planned to go out in  two weeks time and decided whatever I wear WILL include these shoes!

When I first bought this top which is very much a box top I liked it and hated it at the same time, the reason why I liked it was simply because I love stripes, I hated it because I was unsure of the shape on me and how to wear it because it comes up very short at the front like a crop top (I got too much belly for that) I considered wearing it like a jacket but just never got round to it!

But with a vest top tucked into my jeans that's problem solved! To tie in the shoe I chucked on some turquoise jewellery and hey presto! I love the contrast of a hot pink lip to set of the colours.

Top-Love Label
Jeans-Dorothy Perkins

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, mine will be spent at work booooo *sad face*
Thanks for reading. XOXO

Friday, 6 April 2012


Whatever you do, whether religious or not hope you enjoy your day to the max especially those who have an extra long weekend!

I'll leave you with a look a what my lovely mum sent me to eat, a special delivery via my brother! Just when I thought I was missing out on the food because being stuck in bed sick! I love my family! XOXO

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Feel My Pain

This was the picture I took before going to an emergency dental walk-in centre. After suffering with the worst toothache in the history of man, a good example of how bad I suffered, this is me on 3hrs sleep. I looked at the clock at 8am and started to cry (yes CRY) I have never been so exhausted, I so wanted to sleep but the pain in my mouth would not let me. I don't even know when and how I managed to get the 3hrs in! So at 18.30hrs I set out to find this mystery walk-in centre (It opens at 19:00hrs).  I say mystery because all I had was a number (a number which constantly went to answer machine) I must have caught the name and googled it and got what I thought was the right address! Turned out it was the wrong address and after getting lost on the grounds of one hospital I finally got through to the number only to be told they were nowhere near where I was at. Imagine my frustration added to the pain oh and did I mention I have been off work with the flu?! Yes this has not been the best week for me! So after spending £8.50 for a taxi to this walk-in centre I was in and out within 1hr of arrival! Happy days!!

So for now I have been fitted with a temporary filing and I am happy to report I will be able to sleep tonight, I am still sick though but you can't win them all. This has been a big lesson (one I never seem to learn) I need to not let things get on top before I sort it out! This could have all been avoided if as soon as I noticed the small hole I signed up with a dentist (people let me just say the last time I had a dentist I was around 11yrs old) Its a miracle I have teeth in my head! Now the hunt is on to find a dentist ASAP.  Hope your all having a better week. Thanks for reading. XOXO

Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunshine And Bubbles

Trust me I don't need the AA in my life, but there is nothing wrong with an afternoon tipple in the sunshine! Let me tell you London looks even more magical through slighted glazed eyes lol Last week I decided to go for some afternoon tea and prosecco (ah-maz-ing!) on this rare occasion when I happen to have a camera I decided to take pictures like a tourist and appreciate my surroundings, doing so made me feel like there is no place like home, no matter where I visit in the world their is no city quite like London for me. See what I see....

Top-Forever 21+
Jeggings-Dorothy Perkins
Kimono jacket-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-Head Over Heels
Ring-Dorothy Perkins
Necklace-Forever 21

All I can say is bring on the summer! I hope you are all making the most of your free days and enjoying your surroundings and not taking for granted the little things in life! Thanks for reading. XOXO