Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 10-Cute Tights

To me this was a random post to do considering I don't wear tights, and if I do there is nothing cute about them!
I see cute tights I like but unfortunately they never come in my size. I see the generic fish net tights, ones with dots or some kind of lacy pattern but to me I find them boring. Maybe someone knows where to get cute big girl tights? Let me know if you do, I want ones like these...

So yeah this post today did not excite me, anyway I thought I would show you my version of a cute tight, OK its not a tight more like the knee high sock!

Skirt-Dorothy Perkins/ Jumper-New Look/ Scarf-Dorothy Perkins/ Leg Warmers-H&M/ Boots-Simply Be

Yes so they are not exactly knee high socks but leg warmers but they work for me, in life you got to do what works best for you! They actually stay put which is a plus.

I guess I've never been that conventional, I wear leggings as tights and leg warmers as knee high socks lol So arrest me already!!

Anyway onto a completely different subject now, I'll give you a brief summery of my colonic! I would say this, I see the benefits of having one and the part I freaked out the most (tube insertion) was simply and painless (I should of asked for the name of that miracle lube)
The problem I had was I started my period so I had those uncomfortable cramps plus I ate chilli the night before (very stupid of me know I get slight IBS) so it was safe to say I was regular enough in that department. The whole thing was uncomfortable for me (more psychological) It's a very strange feeling to be pumped with water via the arse lol
I would try under different circumstances, maybe. I just found the whole experience slightly embarrassing lol

So anyhoo..... Once again thanks for reading and commenting and a special thanks to Rachel from A Dress Is For Life for also nominating me for an award, you should check her blog out, I love her style and her dresses! XOXO


  1. aww thanks :) i love the tights with the bones on. sometimes yours have funky tights in stock but not as many as straight sized places. there is no way id have a colonic the thought of it is too much for me ! xx

  2. i think i bought tights from yours once but they were plain, never saw funky ones there! xoxo

  3. Super cute!!


  4. Are those cats on your scarf? How cute! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

    1. yes they are cats! thank you and welcome!! xoxo