Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! I'm not really religious like that and don't celebrate it but for all of you who do i hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday! I'll be spending mine directing the lost around London! xoxo 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Barry M Nails

I am soo super talented, look what i created all by myself!

Lets keep it real I'm not that talented! I discovered Barry M nail effect paint and decided to give it a try! This is definitely gonna be the look all summer lol

I used a base coat first, then i applied the colour which is also Barry M called Coral, then when it dried i used the nail effect over it and as it dries it separates leaving this effect. Once it's dry i went over it with top coat, if you don't do that it looks grey and mud like.

I feel like i spent lots of money at the nail shop!

Hope everyone is having a great week, the weather is super hot which is nice, it's just a shame i have to sweat it out at work in my uniform! Thanks for reading and Hello to all my new readers xoxo

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chino's Yes or No?

I have never been big on trousers, i only tend to wear jeans because i like the way they fit my behind making it look slightly under control. I have a strange shape, yes i am sure that i would be classed as an hour glass which is always a good thing, but my ass is massive and its very high! Its so high that my housemates have labelled me "Neck Butt" the bitches! lol
When you have this problem its hard to even think about wearing low rise jeans because my crack would forever be on display, also i find it a problem when considering wearing peg leg trousers as i find them quite spacious around the bum area so i'm thinking that they would not be flattering for someone like me (i could be wrong!)
I have been seeing a lot of the Chino pant these days and i really do like them they dont look like they would fit the same as a peg leg pant so i am tempted to try them

New Look

New Look
I am thinking of trying the ones from New Look i am digging the waist belt. It would be nice to wear something other than the jean, especially since the weather is getting warmer, jeans and heat don't mix well with me! What do you think about the Chino pant? What pants are you digging at the moment? xoxo

Monday, 18 April 2011

Shoe Heaven- Wedges

All of the above are from Office

New Look
I love wedges! Especially since heels are not really my thing, wedges will always be my saviour! My first memory of wearing heels was when i was about 9 yrs old, bear in mind this was the early 90's my mums idea of fashion was coordination, everything had to match.
I remember my mum dressing me in a floral cream denim short suit with matching jacket and to top it off she made me wear cream court shoes to match, of course she thought i looked the business! I on the other hand did not share the same view and as i click clocked down the street i wanted to die! That day we went to visit my gran, usually i looked forward to that the most because i had a lot of friends in the block and i spent most of the time with them playing like children do! However that day was different, as soon as i reached my grans block and saw all my friends running around i tried to hide behind my mum not wanting to be seen i was so embarrassed! It was only a matter of time before my grans front door knocked and i knew i had been spotted! what made it worst was the fact i was forced to go out and play with these hideous shoes on making all kinds of noise. That was the start of my heel fear! It took me a long time to get over it, i am happy to say i love heels now its just a shame i can't walk in them for longer than a minute (OK slight exaggeration but you get my drift)
I have always wanted to be the girl that grabs the heels instead of trainers when going shopping, i don't wanna have to bring a separate bag for my flats on my nights out! Well until such a day comes i can live closer to that dream with the wedge!

Cue my new shoe.........

I love how it zips all the way down to the end

OK I'm not saying i will be wearing this to do my next food shop at Asda but they are so darn comfortable that who knows i might just surprise you! lol
I can't remember how much these babies cost one of the problems when ordering from catalogues but I'm sure i got it for around £30 from Isme my new favourite shopping spot! Like i said these are so comfortable i haven't worn them out the house yet so the comfort thing is just a theory because if i have learnt anything that is try on heels on a hard surface the carpet will always lie to you! Are you feeling the wedge at the moment? xoxo

Sunday, 17 April 2011

D.I.Y- Waste Not Want Not

I was recently clearing my closet and found my old Evans denim jacket I've had forever, I haven't worn it in over a year, i tried it on just for good measure and found that it was too big and didn't fit right! Now i remember why it was sitting in the back of my wardrobe collecting dust.  It didn't feel right to just throw it out so i thought about ways i could save my jacket. It then occurred to me that i didn't have a sleeveless denim jacket and it seemed like something i could do to revamp my jacket.

I cut the sleeves off and cut the the bottom of the jacket to make it shorter.
I cut the bottom tabs off and sewed it onto the shoulders to add some detail to the jacket

I also took in the sides to make it smaller so it could be more fitted. After all that sewing by hand ( yes i said by hand!) i ended up with a brand new jacket.
I am pleased with the end result, i recommend using a sewing machine as that would have been a 10 min job instead of 30mins! Maybe i might have to invest in a sewing machine since i am discovering the world of D.I.Y. xoxo

OOTD- I Feel Wicked in White

Hope April is finding everyone in good spirits, i know i am definitely walking with a spring in my step its been nice having some warmth, not having to wear layers of clothes, and occasionally being waken up by the sun in the morning!

Its been pretty slow on the outfit front, I've been too tired to make an effort on my days off work. I have purchased a lot of new clothes lately, i have the shopping bug at the moment and that is never good for the pocket i seem to be spending like i have won the lottery! I will do a shoe post on a few newbies i have from H&M and Isme.
I think the next purchase i will make is a tripod for my camera because taking full length pictures is impossible by myself and i think my housemate might kill me if i ask her to take anymore pics of me lol

On to the outfit. Last night i went to see Wicked with my housemates. I wore my brand new cheese cloth midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins. I was having a bloated day and was going into melt down, you know when nothing in your wardrobe looks right? I didn't want to wear anything uncomfortable like support underwear, i wanted to let my belly hang free!

The skirt had movement, it was cool and comfortable I LOVE IT! I need it in more colours quick!
Blazer- Simply Be
Everything else-Dorothy Perkins

I wore it with a plain black top and a faux leather belt all from Dorothy Perkins. I felt comfortable all night and really enjoyed the show i would say if your into musicals then it should be on your list of things to see, it had all the sparkle and gut busting numbers you would expect. Its a little bit on the pricey side but i think i got my money's worth!

Oh i forgot my necklace..... Its from Evans and it cost me £2 in the sale! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far, thanks to all you beauties for reading. xoxo