Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 12- The Outfit You've Had The Best Times In

I've had so many good times in many outfits, I don't really repeat outfits that much so to say I repeatedly had a great time in one particular outfit wouldn't fit my life. So instead I will go back to 2010 the year when I went to visit my besty in Madrid,  Miss Rebequita Rose to be exact check out her blog too it was one I nominated on my list.
This outfit I didn't wear but purchased over in Madrid I actually believe Rebequita also bought this top and skirt. I decided to choose this outfit because I had a blast visiting her and it reminds me of the good times we had. It also reminds me that I am over due on a visit lol

To pay further homage to my T.F.B over seas I wore it with the necklace she gifted me for Christmas! Love you girl!

Top/Skirt- Shop in Madrid lol/ Necklace-gifted/ Shoes-Evans

I love this skirt and haven't really made use of it so maybe this will be a summer staple! Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. Awww, I think you just made me cry and added a huge ray of light to my crappy day!! THANK YOU!!

    I did buy that same top and skirt. The skirt has yet to be worn, and I think I gave the top away, but I do have an outfit up on my blog somewhere :)

    You're looking fab chica and YES you do have an overdue visit to Madrid pending!!!

    Luv ya xxx

  2. it looks great on and i love the necklace xx