Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I Love Me Some Love Label

Nothing makes me happier than finding a brand that is young, fresh, and fashionable that my behind can squeeze into (just about!) I introduce you to Love Label, if you know about them already then high five my friend but if not then have no fear. They cater up to a UK size 20, and that 20 can be a squeeze depending on the material and I guess your particular body. I wear a 20 in this range because mostly they are just bang on size for me whereas places like Dorothy Perkins I can sometimes down size.
If your familiar with online catalogues like Isme and Very then this is where this range is available. For my overseas peeps I believe very.com is the place for you!

These are just a few of the new things that have caught my eye, I have a good collection of items from them when I come to think of it. Here are two new pieces heading my way to add to my growing repertoire

Another hi-low winner. I picked this with my holiday in mind but I think it will be one of those pieces that I will wear a lot. I love the print!

My fake disco pants!!! I have been drooling over the American Apparel disco pants that everyone seems to be wearing, but they don't come in my size and they are too damn expensive so imagine my joy when I saw these babies for what I am sure is less than half the price of the real things! I actually ordered them in black not this midnight blue. So expect some photos soon.

Anyway this was just a quick one, my bed is calling!  Thanks for reading and being patient with me and my slow updates this month! Welcome new readers, its always a pleasure when I sign on to see my numbers grow! Love ya XOXO

P.S. The views expressed in this post are my views alone, no one is paying me for advertising! LOL

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Play Time Is Over!

Hey good people in blog land! I am back-ish! lol I am the lamest blogger.  Sometimes life gets in the way and its no secret that I am not big on organisation so things get left in nowhere land like this blog did briefly! So much for the blogger challenge of May, I just found it hard to keep up with the shifts I was doing and it became hard to play catch up! So now the pressure is off I can tell you I have never been one of those bloggers that update everyday so please don't expect it you will be disappointed lol

I have had 2 weeks off work and have been everywhere but home! It has been a nice break from normal life but as work looms in the distance (Sunday to be exact) I thought I need to get back to my life which means getting back to my blog and catching up with all those lovely blogs out there!

Life has been kind of crazy and I have found myself in situations I could have never imagined (glad I made the right choices) and people from the past have tried to break down the doors into my life again, its been a hard job keeping some of them out! But I am glad to say I haven't been broken down!

So not trying to bore you all with the details of my life I will leave you with something I had put together for one of the May challenges!  I think it was something everyone had, and I chose my peplum top from Asos which I have seen on many a blog!

Top-Asos/Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/Shoes-Asos/Necklace-Evans

Not the best pics in the world lol I do love the top but I find the arm area unflattering cause it doesn't fit right, it might be cause its a little big. Oh in other news I booked a holiday to Ibiza with some girl friends to help me celebrate the dirty 30's in true crazy style! Slightly excited for that roll on September!! Until next time, as always thanks for stopping by! XOXO