Monday, 28 February 2011

OOTD Tribal Skirt

Last night me and the girls went to see No Strings Attached as we were bored sitting in the house, i decided to wear my new boots, so i put on my tribal skirt and denim shirt. I loved the movement and how comfortable i felt in it as i stuffed my face with Ben & Jerry's ice cream!
I found this ring when i was clearing out my room the other day, it was a gift from my aunt a few years ago.  I thought it would tie in well with my tribal theme.

Skirt/Denim Shirt/Leggings-Dorothy Perkins
White Tee-Asos
Belt-Dorothy Perkins
Boots-Simply Be (Moda in Pelle)

Is it me or does anyone else wear leggings as tights? I love the thickness of leggings sometimes i can't achieve that same look with opaque tights!
The film was ok, it was nice going to the cinema, it's been such a long time i forgot how expensive it can be!
Some magazine recommended the film as a good date movie, i have to disagree, with the sexual scenes i would feel a little uncomfortable watching with a potential lover, especially if  i don't like the guy! What do you think? xoxo

Sunday, 27 February 2011

OOTD No Bra at the Wedding

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I went to my first ever Turkish wedding on Saturday! It was the best wedding I've been to so far (trust me it's not many)
It was also the first time I've ever left the house without a bra! Being able to leave the house bra less is something I've always dreamed of but never done because it tends to be impossible when you wear a 38 JJ. I purchased this dress a while back from Asos and have never had the opportunity to wear it as it was a special occasion dress, the club to me is not a special occasion! So since i was invited to a wedding i thought it the perfect time to christen it. When i first tried it on I'm sure i did so with a bra, this time i tried it again just to make sure it could still fit. Me and my housemate were debating outfits and i just dragged the dress on without the bra and to my surprise because of the boning in the dress i felt quite secure, i was assured that i didn't look like i was gonna have a Janet Jackson moment so i thought it safe enough to leave the bra.

Dress- Asos
Blazer-Simply Be
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

As the night progressed i started to feel conscious that my boobs were about to fall out, after a few trips to the toilet my mind was put at rest, i did carry my bra just in case i embarrassed myself but I'm glad to say the bra stayed under wraps!
The venue was beautiful and everyone dressed to impress, my favourite part had to be when people pin money on the bride and groom! I would have a Turkish wedding just for that alone!
Now time to bore you with the pictures....

I loved all the lighting, as you can tell!

It was nice seeing a young couple have a very traditional wedding! Top marks for organisation! What would be your ideal wedding? xoxo

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh How I Love You Mr Delivery Man!

Happy Tuesday people! Its almost mid week now and i am tired! No outfits posts until the weekend me thinks, unless you want a picture of me in my uniform! So as I sit here with a green head scarf, pink tartan pants and black Betty Boop top you can see i am feeling very fashion ready!
Since i discovered H&M do this buy now and pay later, i have been cruising their website like an Internet creep, and as i debated should i or shouldn't i, something took over my index finger and clicked  that purchase button! I like to live life with no regrets, so i have none. Besides I purchase from the sale section to ease my conscience!

So after receiving a text message from H&M this morning saying my delivery would be with me in the next 24/48 hrs imagine my delight when i got home and opened the door to find my delivery waiting for me, oh Mr delivery guy how i love you so!
I got two dresses and a chain which totalled to £32.90 including postage and packaging, i think I'm the winner here! I also got some new work boots from Simply Be which weren't on sale I'm afraid to report but a girl needs what she needs!
I've been cruising the Forever 21+ since they now have a descent selection available to the UK and i find the sizing confusing as hell! So if anyone could suggest a size for someone that wears a UK 20-22 that would make my day!

Everything reminds me of spring, i can't wait for the rain and cold to fade away! So many outfits to wear that would look so much better against a back drop of blue skies and sun!
I just wanna say THANK YOU to my new followers and old for making me feel like I'm not talking to myself! Thanks for reading! xoxo

Thursday, 17 February 2011

OOTD I Feel Like a Black Rose

Since i had a free day i thought i would play dress up.  Its gloomy outside a little cold and all i can think about are flowers, maybe its all this talk of spring and summer!
I received my new dress from H&M online the other day and its been staring at me on a hanger so i thought it was the perfect time to put it on as it makes me think of flowers. The ruffles on the shoulder of the dress made me think of a black rose. So i pinned my black flower to my hair and teamed the dress with my corsage belt and voila! I admit the outfit is a little dark, but i do love it all the same! Can you believe i got this dress for £7.99 in the sale i think it was originally £29.99.

Belt-Dorothy Perkins

I 'm starting some un-sociable shifts so i will be quiet for a few days. I wish you all a great weekend hope you have more fun than i do! xoxo

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why Can't I Be Fat With Small Feet!

I love the black ones


My T.F.B had a shoe crush on these
damn her and her small feet!

So the other day i wondered into River Island and found all these beauties! I had shoegasms all over the place and had to do some ninja tactics trying to get these pictures to you!
I tend to steer clear from shops that don't stock my size as i find it depressing, it's a shame because i always miss out on accessories. My T.F.B is blessed to have a size 3/4 foot so she dragged me in to look at the shoes and O.M.G i almost died and went to shoe heaven, i never knew i could feel that way about shoes i thought it was only food that could stir me so! Trust me when i say there was a lot more shoes but i didn't want to get chucked out of the store for taking pics.
 I temporarily lost my mind when i was almost certain that a shoe that zipped up at the front would dare encase my elephant trunk feet, of course i got a rude awakening when reality hit my behind and my purse sighed with relief thinking "phew that was close!"
Ah well thank the lord for Evans and their wide fit shoes, i love how every time i buy shoes from Evans I'm always tricked into believing my feet are small dainty things as i always have to down size!
I can't wait for spring/summer so my feet can breath again and i can indulge in my shoe love that is toe post sandals oh and jellies, tacky i know but every girl needs a bit of tack in their lives! What are you looking forward to wearing spring/summer? xoxo

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Casual OOTD Post

Top-Dorothy Perkins
Skirted Leggings-Asos
Boots-Ann Harvey

 Well as you can see I am still learning to like taking pics, not quite there yet! If i have to suffer through them you better appreiciate them lol
Today was just a casual day which is how i am 80% of the time when i'm not in my uniform, maybe one day i'll amuse you all with a photo of me in my work attire!
My favourite element in this outfit is my cheat top, i call it a cheat because its a top and necklace in one, definately a win win!
Taken just outside the front of my house, since the sun was out for once i thought a change of scenery would be nice, i did get a little camera shy when people walked by, i guess thats something i'll get over in time. Well its nearly the end of the week people, whats your plan for the weekend? I'm going to pretend that Valentines Day dos not exist! I'll let you know how that works out for me! xoxo

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Swallows and Strips


Its funny that when you set out to buy one thing you come back with something else! I left the house yesterday just to go to Superdrugs to buy my face shit, i did come back with face shit but came back with clothes as well which was not meant to happen, I'm not flossing at the moment I'm meant to be watching the pockets. The thing is if i went out with intention to buy clothes i would have come back empty handed! Every time i can't afford to shop i see everything that i want Grrrrrr! If I'd given into my urges to buy every damn thing my credit card would have started laughing at me and told me to get a grip!

So like a good girl i did the right thing (kinda) and only came home with 4 things, my mustard and navy stripped bat wing top from George Asda, a Navy chiffon swallow blouse from New Look, my skull chain and grey chiffon ball necklace from Evans (which only cost £5 for both!)

My new nail colours Grey and Mushroom from Barry M

Since I'm trying to start a skirt revolution i picture the blouse with a pencil skirt and the stripe top belted with a black mini and thick tights. If the skirt thing doesn't work out jeans it is!
I'll have some OOTD pics soon. xoxo 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When We Drink We Do It Right Getting Slizzard

Mac-Simply Be
pls excuse the shiny face and awkward smile, still trying to learn not to look retarded in pics

So Monday night i got drunk, i was definitely feeling like a G6 lol. Me and my T.F.B (top flight bredrin) had a couple of vouchers for some bars in the heart of London, since we were both off work seemed like a good idea to spice up a Monday night. First we stopped off at Grace Bar for a Bellini and a rustic sharing platter which had the best calamari I've had in a long time, i was so hungry i didn't even take a picture for you guys, I'm easily distracted by food!

T.F.B and her cocktail
 I had the worst craven for ice cream and since that time of the month is fast approaching the sugar monster within rears its ugly head. We made our way through china town to my favorite spot Haagen Daz Cafe. Now the whole way I'm thinking about the chocolate caramel muffin with one scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream and one scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream all topped off with hot fudge sauce and chocolate sauce and a squirt of fresh cream I'm going to devour, so imagine my horror to find the place closed for refurbishment! I swear i almost lost a tear, after that nothing would have been a suitable replacement but to keep that monster quiet i had to do something so i found a cheap replacement at TGI Friday grrrrrr!

The next voucher was for Lab Bar Academy. If cocktails are your thing then this is the place to be, they give you a cocktail menu almost as big as the bible, its a little like Tom Cruise in cocktail but not as cheesy more modern and cool lol and not bad prices as well. We even got a free double shot of baileys just because lol

We were well and truly slizzard by this point! i wasn't ready to go home so i dragged the TFB to Bar Rumba ( let me state that this is not THE place to go if you wanna have a real good time on the dance floor because there are people that should not be allowed on it because they are a danger to all, but if you wanna be entertained then GO)
I enjoyed my night until near the end a guy spoiled it when he came up to me as they do, i was polite, said i had a boyfriend so thanks but no thanks, he didn't like it and then turned into the biggest dick, i was literally shouting at him to leave my alone and when he kept trying to lean in to talk to me i was shouting at him to stop talking to me, he got PIED  (Pied-to shame someone, or make a public display of them)
After that we jumped in our awaiting chariot home aka night bus. Hope your week started off well. xoxo