Sunday, 26 June 2011

90's Fashion in 2011

When i remember the good old 90's i remember a lot of denim, crop tops, knee high socks, floral skirts, crazy prints, and leather jackets! That was my wardrobe anyway!
The reason for this post is research, I have an 80's vs 90's party in 2 weeks time, and i am not sure which fashion road to take, here's hoping you readers might lend me a helping hand!

I was born in 82 so i can't remember the fashion of the 80's which is why i have opted to take the 90's high road. But what do i wear?
I figure i can either go baggy  like T.L.C
Sassy with attitude like Salt ans Pepper
Or figure hugging like Mariah
Either way i like all elements, but when i look in my wardrobe i am blank! what can i say my imagination is lost with my vision, all i know is i want to be comfortable and enjoy myself which means no heels woo hoo! lol Don't get me wrong i do love heels but i don't think i can do the running man in them!

So i have picked out a piece to wear and i am somehow gonna  bring all three elements to it!
Once again Dorothy Perkins is taking over the show for me right now, i have purchased this Aztec print vest (delivery man needs to hurry up)

It reminds me of some of the funky print back in the 90's like...
So i plan on a denim shirt worn open over it (that's as baggy as i get) a black mini skirt with tights(figure hugging)  and footwear has to be some high tops, and a large gold style chain! (i think that covers the sassy with attitude part)
Of course this sounds good but i need to put it on to see if it really works! What do you think? what were your favourite trends of the 90's? xoxo

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Skirt-Gasms at D.P

I am loving Dorothy Perkins at the moment with their cute little dresses and skirts! All though i have told myself i can not afford to buy new clothes at the moment i can't deny that i am tempted! We'll see how i get on with that!
I've been checking out Asos recently and nothing is jumping out at me, also is it me or are they getting a little more expensive? Usually i find D.P more pricey at times but comparing the two i found Asos to be more costly!

So lately i have been thinking about my blog and what i want it to become, right now it is about nothing specific although it does tend to center more around clothes, which is ok of course, i do love clothes and besides its through reading fatshion blogs which inspired me to start mine. I am just finding it hard to keep my blog updated with OOTD pics which is partly because 1) i work most days in my uniform 2) i have no camera at the moment 3) i am lazy and forgetful.  Sometimes i think without the outfit pics there is no blog! So i've decided i want to broaden my blog, i don't want to lose the followers i have by going completely off topic but there is a lot more to me then what i wear and i want to share all my passions with you! (if you let me) Its gonna take some time to find direction but bear with me! xoxo

Monday, 13 June 2011

Its Been a Long Time Since I Left You....

Hi everybody its me, i am back! Sorry for the disappearing act these things happen from time to time!
So let me fill you in....

As you know the last time i had a spell of bad luck, unfortunately my camera situation is still the same, non existent! boo hoo! I guess this contributed to my absence i was feeling like there was no point of blogging without pictures! I guess i no longer care about the picture situation, my next gift to myself will have to be a camera.
On a happier note i finally have my own laptop! Thanks again to my flatmates for allowing me to take over their laptops much to their annoyance I'm sure! So now i can keep up with all you fellow bloggers!

 I did visit the beautiful city of Budapest! Let me be honest i had no enthusiasm when it came to this holiday i had no expectations! How wrong was I! It was BEAUTIFUL! I went with a bunch of people including my flatmates. It was only a long weekend but one i wont forget in a hurry! The weather was hot, the people were friendly, i had fun and drank a lot of beer which is strange considering i don't like the stuff!
Obviously i had no camera but i managed to steal these from my T.F.B enjoy! xoxo