Saturday, 24 November 2012

Painted In Black

Like I told you guys before I am having a moment with the colour black! I put this together quickly and I do love the simplicity of it! The black might be on the boring side but I figured the different materials would break it up.

Shirt/Belt -New Look/Dress-South (Very)/Shoes-Very/Necklace-Asos/
I love this shirt, its sheer but not too sheer! I have many outfits in mind for this one! Hope your all enjoying your weekend! Thanks for reading. XOXO

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lipsticks Of The Moment

Hey beautiful people, I hope this post finds you all in good spirits! I am fabulous, only because I am off work for 2 weeks! *happy dance*
So I will try my best to do some more posts during this time, no excuses people! *dust's camera off* I decided I hadn't done a make-up post for a while and decided to show you guys what I am wearing on my lips at the moment.


I love this colour for a more everyday look, if  I wanna tone down my lips! It's a lustre lipstick which means its creamy and moisturising for the lips.
Who doesn't love this colour! Its so this season! a great bold lip. I usually wear this on a night out.
I am in love with this lip liner, it's a shame you cant really see the swatch on my hand but its a deep dark intense red, when I join it with my favourite red "Ruby Woo" its gives it new depths.

This colour was an accident. I originally thought I had purchased a different colour only to find when I got home I had this instead, which only makes me stress to you all to always check your purchases before you leave a store! I have to say this colour has grown on me. This colour is very matte which can be drying on the lips so I slicked some gloss over it!
So what's your favourite lipstick of the moment? Thanks for reading! XOXO

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

On My Radar

Hello blog land! Yeah its been a while and oh how I missed you. After not having any Internet for nearly 3 weeks, it's nice to be back! I was so lost without the net it makes me wonder what I ever did without it! I did catch up on some books I had been meaning to read so it wasn't all bad.

So it didn't take me long to get into some online shopping and here are a few things that have caught my eye!

(25% off orders until 18th November, enter code DPFWE at checkout)

At the moment as cold as it is I just wanna wear dresses! I've been stocking up on tights in preparation (not that crazy) I forever live in jeans when I am not in my uniform, I guess I am getting a little bored of the jeans and converse combo!


What is it about this season that makes us gravitate towards darker hues?! Yes the colour black is playing a major roll in my life right now! I have always loved black, my mother always told me black was my friend!
My favourite combo at the moment has to be anything with PU detail and faux fur! when it comes to the fur the less the better for me, you won't catch me in a fur coat ( I don't wanna look like some sort of wild beast) but I love when you accessorise with it like the fur collar from Asos (which I already own)


I adore the red peplum dress, its so festive, perfect for a Christmas party! Right now I have the shopping bug! I want so much but don't have the funds, plus its not good when your supposed to be buying everybody else presents but you keep buying for yourself instead! Whats you favourite combo at the moment? Thanks for reading! XOXO

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Building A Good Foundation-A black Girl Rant!

Hello good people! So this post isn't really your typical blog post but more of a rant about my struggle for the perfect foundation! I have been wearing make up since I was 15 yrs old. I remember stumbling across a compact powder (which had been forgotten about) in my mums things, she was never a big wearer of make up, probably one of the reasons why she never noticed it was gone! To be honest looking back I didn't need it but once trying it and seeing how satin like my face looked I was hooked!
I remember my first purchase was from the brand Sleek. This brand has come a long way since the days I used to use it! I don't use their foundation now and haven't for many years so when I talk of my experience with them bare in mind its from 10yrs ago. At the time they were within my non existent budget (very cheap) I remember it never staying on my skin, you always knew I had been around because of the brown smudge marks everywhere! (embarrassing) plus they didn't cater for people with oily skin like myself.  Anyway at the time I was less fussy and it did the job! I will say this I still use the brand for their lovely vibrant eye shadow palettes!

When I got my first proper job, I decided to up my game and try and find something a little better. I remember walking in to Selfridges and going to the Bobby Brown stand only to be advised that it wasn't the best for people like myself (yes that's what she said) and told me I would be better suited to Iman. So instead of challenging her, me and my naive self found the Iman stand and spent a whole lot of money. I still didn't  find it suitable for me, it was very similar to Fashion Fair (thick and heavy)
Then I read in a magazine about Missy Elliot listing Mac as one of her favourite brands so of course I had to try it and nearly 10 years later I am still wearing it!

OK the reason for this post is simple, its to vent! I guess I always just accepted that I would always be limited when it came to having a large range of cosmetics suited to my dark skin! If I am honest I never really gave it much thought, I was happy with Mac, I never ever wanted to stray from them, I was a loyal customer (still am)
When I visited my family in New Jersey I nearly screamed when I saw (in Macys) Clinique did darker shades in foundation and I knew for a fact that they did not stock any of it in the UK. I saw Queen Latifa doing her thing for Cover Girl (another thing not stocked in the UK) I saw so many brands that I knew catering for us dark sisters but no hook up for us in the UK. But WHY?
When I got back home I did ask these questions to representatives of the company's and nobody had a good enough answer for me!

In the last couple of months I have been noticing brands such as Chanel, Lancome, and now YSL catering for my complexion (about bloody time) So I am interested in trying these brands out but on further investigation I am told I can only purchase the foundation, there is no powder, there is no concealer basically there is none of the other products that I use to compliment my foundation available to me!! Well what the F*!k is the point of bothering!? how can you sell one without the other!? I am then told they are seeing how it sells before they expand! Seriously!? Really!? It's like selling a matching bra set without the bra, having a toothbrush with no toothpaste, having cool aid with no sugar! (OK I think you get the point I am trying to make)

WOW dark skin black girls are like an after thought! If your as dark as Beyonce then lucky you because you are acceptable and the world is your oyster! I just feel like its a big slap in the face personally! I am saddened that in 2012 almost 2013 things haven't progressed as much as they should! How do these brands expect to make any sales if they do things half hearted! As I usually say to the T.F.B, go hard or go home!
Does anyone else feel the same way? Is my argument justified or are you thinking wtf? get a grip! LOL All I can say is  until these brands get their shit together Mac will forever hold the title of Queen and Long Live The Queen!!! Thanks for reading! XOXO

Monday, 8 October 2012

L.B.D Saves The Day

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying lovely October! Apart from all this rain at the moment I am enjoying hiding covering up under layers of clothes! I can dust of some of my coats in preparation for the big freeze! Can you believe how quick this year has gone! I am already buying my Christmas presents (yes I am that organised!)

On to bigger and better things (me!) So I have been having a shit couple of weeks mainly because it's that time of the month and mother nature has been kicking my ass! Not only do I have hungry belly, I look like I am six months pregnant! (not cool) It was so bad that it made me take a pregnancy test to make sure but lets face it all it did was confirm what I already knew...I am not with child, just fat!! Anyway  please excuse the self loathing (it's just another gift from mother nature) it will pass in good time.
It sucks that you can't control when it comes over you, it was just my luck that I had to try and look cute while feeling like shit! I went out on the town (life goes on) and this is what I wore.

Dress/Necklace-Dorothy Perkins, Shoes-Evans

When nothing else would do the job of hiding my fat belly the peplum on this LBD saved the day, making me feel semi cute, and I mean semi! (self loathing remember) I love anything peplum right now, anything that means I don't have to wear any spanx like contraption (comfort is key!) is all right by me!!

I have been trying to stay away from clothes at the moment, well one of the reasons is to try and save some money but I just don't feel inspired to purchase! I have been shopping for more cosmetics.  I have noticed that a lot of high end brands are starting to dabble in the darker shades of foundation  to suit us chocolaty sisters out here like YSL, Lancome, Chanel e.t.c. I won't harp on about it on this post, I think it deserves a page to itself! (trust I have a lot to say on the matter) If your from the USA and your thinking what the hell I'm talking about, lets just say dark skinned girls in London are not as fortunate as you, I sometimes feel we are an after thought! But if you wanna know more all will be explained in the next post I do! Until then people, stay blessed! Thanks for reading! XOXO

Monday, 17 September 2012

It's Only A Number!

Hi guys, hope everyone is in good health! I just got back from Ibiza today. I spent my 30th Birthday out there with a few of my chums.

Let me just say I had an amazing time and Ibiza is a beautiful place! I am not gonna lie to you all, i struggled to keep up with all the partying and as a result of that I am currently wrapped up in bed sick with a cold, ah well as the cool kids say Y.O.L.O!

Top-Dorothy Perkins/Skirt- New Look/Belt-H&M

So it's not the best pic but it's something! This was what i wore on the night of my birthday! This was taken in the hotel just before we headed out, I will admit at this point I was a little tipsy! What can I say about this outfit except that it was easy to wear and you can't go wrong with peplum!
Needless to say I had a great birthday and a great week in general! I am happy to be back to what I know! I shall share a few pics with you, I totally recommend you visit at least for a few days! Thanks for reading! XOXO

P.S. Sorry this post was so short but I am seriously poorly! Any questions about Ibiza i will gladly answer just leave a comment! :)

Friday, 31 August 2012

Life And Death, Gone But Not Forgotten!

Hello, let me re-introduce myself! My name is Cherry Vidal... Ok Ok I know you know who I am, it's just been a while! *covers face*

So much has happened these past couple of months I don't even know where to begin. I have laughed and cried. Obviously London is experiencing Olympic fever and I have been fortunate enough to work right in the middle of it.  I guess originally I wasn't excited because all I could think about was the hard work it would involve, and boy did I work hard! But it was a once in a lifetime experience, I got to see a lot of athletes and get a couple of pics with them *big grin*

women's Judo silver medallist

The atmosphere was one I don't think I would ever be able to describe, people were proud to be British! I am glad I was a part of it.  It did keep me busy and I was extremely exhausted most of the time.

I got to spend some time with my bestie Rebequita, check out her blog it's great. It was nice to spend some time with her, had a couple of meals which were nice, she bought a lovely necklace for me which I have yet to wear! Love you girl!
I got two NEW tattoo's! One small bow on the back of my ankle and this beauty on my thigh..
I added cherry blossoms around it and she is stepping out of a lotus flower! It cost me a small fortune but it was a pre birthday present to myself, well worth it!

On to sadder news now. I lost someone close to my family this week.  I wasn't gonna include this part of my life on my blog but I want this blog to be a true reflection of myself.  This person was my God Mother, she was a big part of my life up until my teens.  She was my mums best friend. When I think back to every  major significant part of my childhood she was a part of it! The last 8 years we drifted apart due to reasons I won't go into, but with friends and family you find that happens, people fall out over minor disputes which at the time seem major, then this thing called time plays a big part and before you know it too much time has gone and 8yrs have passed!
I got a call on Monday saying that she was in hospital after having an operation to remove 5 tumour's on her brain.  She wasn't doing well after and was likely not gonna recover! Of course hearing this I rushed to the hospital to see her, I hadn't seen her for 8 yrs and when I see her she has tubes coming out of her, she is not the same person I remember! I know she can hear me so I talked to her told her how sorry I was for taking so long to reach out to her, I explained my reasons, reminisced  on the good times we had then I said goodbye and told her I would be back to see her on Wednesday! Unfortunately it was not to be, she passed away early hours on Wednesday morning! I was horrified, although I knew death was inevitable I thought she had longer, I thought I would get to see her at least one more time!
It hurts to talk about this as the pain is still fresh but at the same time it helps! I decided to go and see her body yesterday in the hospital chapel, I wanted to say goodbye, I needed the closure! Looking at her body, ice cold to the touch just made me think about our own mortality.  Its funny how death puts things into perspective.  I have never been very religious, I believe we have a creator, I believe in God. I just got to thinking what happens when we die? Looking at her body ( a shell of her former self) made me think there has to be more to life then just being! I'm still trying to realise what that is exactly, all I know is that life is too short, live life to the fullest, make sure you have positive people in your life and don't let insignificant arguments ruin your relationships, cherish your family!
I feel at peace after seeing her I feel she is in a better place where ever it may be, I know she is  at peace and is free! I still feel sad inside but I am getting there!

So bare with me people, I am not sure when my next post will be but it won't be so long next time! Thank you for sticking around, I have been catching up with all your blogs so expect comments! Oh and yes I decided a change on my blog went hand in hand with the change I am experiencing in myself! As always thanks for reading, all my love. XOXO

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I Love Me Some Love Label

Nothing makes me happier than finding a brand that is young, fresh, and fashionable that my behind can squeeze into (just about!) I introduce you to Love Label, if you know about them already then high five my friend but if not then have no fear. They cater up to a UK size 20, and that 20 can be a squeeze depending on the material and I guess your particular body. I wear a 20 in this range because mostly they are just bang on size for me whereas places like Dorothy Perkins I can sometimes down size.
If your familiar with online catalogues like Isme and Very then this is where this range is available. For my overseas peeps I believe is the place for you!

These are just a few of the new things that have caught my eye, I have a good collection of items from them when I come to think of it. Here are two new pieces heading my way to add to my growing repertoire

Another hi-low winner. I picked this with my holiday in mind but I think it will be one of those pieces that I will wear a lot. I love the print!

My fake disco pants!!! I have been drooling over the American Apparel disco pants that everyone seems to be wearing, but they don't come in my size and they are too damn expensive so imagine my joy when I saw these babies for what I am sure is less than half the price of the real things! I actually ordered them in black not this midnight blue. So expect some photos soon.

Anyway this was just a quick one, my bed is calling!  Thanks for reading and being patient with me and my slow updates this month! Welcome new readers, its always a pleasure when I sign on to see my numbers grow! Love ya XOXO

P.S. The views expressed in this post are my views alone, no one is paying me for advertising! LOL

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Play Time Is Over!

Hey good people in blog land! I am back-ish! lol I am the lamest blogger.  Sometimes life gets in the way and its no secret that I am not big on organisation so things get left in nowhere land like this blog did briefly! So much for the blogger challenge of May, I just found it hard to keep up with the shifts I was doing and it became hard to play catch up! So now the pressure is off I can tell you I have never been one of those bloggers that update everyday so please don't expect it you will be disappointed lol

I have had 2 weeks off work and have been everywhere but home! It has been a nice break from normal life but as work looms in the distance (Sunday to be exact) I thought I need to get back to my life which means getting back to my blog and catching up with all those lovely blogs out there!

Life has been kind of crazy and I have found myself in situations I could have never imagined (glad I made the right choices) and people from the past have tried to break down the doors into my life again, its been a hard job keeping some of them out! But I am glad to say I haven't been broken down!

So not trying to bore you all with the details of my life I will leave you with something I had put together for one of the May challenges!  I think it was something everyone had, and I chose my peplum top from Asos which I have seen on many a blog!

Top-Asos/Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/Shoes-Asos/Necklace-Evans

Not the best pics in the world lol I do love the top but I find the arm area unflattering cause it doesn't fit right, it might be cause its a little big. Oh in other news I booked a holiday to Ibiza with some girl friends to help me celebrate the dirty 30's in true crazy style! Slightly excited for that roll on September!! Until next time, as always thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Sunday, 20 May 2012

T.F.B Series

Jeans-Dorothy Perkins/Jumper-Dorothy Perkins/Jacket-South @Isme/Shoes-Debenhams/Bag/Bracelet-H&M

I do love this simple casual look I might love it more because its my tweed jacket she has on ( can you imagine I haven't even worn it yet lol)

Jacket-TK.Max/Top-New Look/Jeans/Necklace-Dorothy Perkins

A quick pic of my T.F.B no2 on her birthday in Bedford the land of the farmers (she's a country bumpkin) she'll kill me for that but anyway I ain't never scared! lol Look at that wining smile of hers, love it! Until next week folks. XOXO