Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 2- You Have The Most...

I thought I would just knock this one out since I just got home from work and I'm feeling slightly restless. In my opinion I think I have the most statement jewellery, I tried to lay everything out for you to see but I still managed to miss a few out!
I'm sure just by looking you can see I am not playing around. I challenge you to count how many you see in these pics.

One of the reasons why I love big jewellery is the fact that you could be wearing something as simple as jeans and a tee but once you put on one of these bad boys you look like your ready for the world, well that's how I feel in them.

I have such an obsession that my collection is constantly growing, so much so that I don't even know where everything is. Back in the day my thing was big dangly earrings but ever since my holes closed up I discovered the wonders of big dangly necklaces lol

What do you have the most of? Thanks for reading. XOXO