Friday, 4 February 2011


Wow never good to disappear when you've just started but i have a valid reason, my laptop is effed! so plans of getting a new one haven't come to pass yet as i have too many financial commitments at the moment! i have been keeping up with blogs as best i can, i do plan to get my laptop at the end of this month so i have to steal   borrow my flatmates laptop for the mean time!

I hope everyone had and is having a good new year, I am hopeful for 2011 i feel bigger and better things are waiting for me, hope you all feel the same. My big motto this year has to be " finish what you start" i have a habit of not following through with plans and i did that in 2010. One of the things being not committing 100% to this blog which i plan to change.

So far this year i have bought a TV, booked a holiday to Budapest, tried a floatation tank (, and i still have to book my jewellery making workshop with Claire Aristides and book my taster lessons to do something creative at City Academy. I've even lost 5lbs just from eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, I'm eating better and enjoying it, told you I'm not playing! So this year people expect more photo's from me there's a lot going on!

Here are a couple of recent purchases, at the moment I'm have this thing for clog like shoes. The first is from Evans, i got it in the sale and i haven't had a chance to wear them out yet but i have been breaking them in (as you do) and the are soo comfortable which is a plus

The next pair are from Asos (of course) i got them on sale. I LOVE these but i know i won't wear them as much because they are a little high but dang they look good! 


Hope everyone has a good weekend i plan to do nothing this weekend I'm gonna have the longest sleep ever! enjoy xoxo

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