Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why Can't I Be Fat With Small Feet!

I love the black ones


My T.F.B had a shoe crush on these
damn her and her small feet!

So the other day i wondered into River Island and found all these beauties! I had shoegasms all over the place and had to do some ninja tactics trying to get these pictures to you!
I tend to steer clear from shops that don't stock my size as i find it depressing, it's a shame because i always miss out on accessories. My T.F.B is blessed to have a size 3/4 foot so she dragged me in to look at the shoes and O.M.G i almost died and went to shoe heaven, i never knew i could feel that way about shoes i thought it was only food that could stir me so! Trust me when i say there was a lot more shoes but i didn't want to get chucked out of the store for taking pics.
 I temporarily lost my mind when i was almost certain that a shoe that zipped up at the front would dare encase my elephant trunk feet, of course i got a rude awakening when reality hit my behind and my purse sighed with relief thinking "phew that was close!"
Ah well thank the lord for Evans and their wide fit shoes, i love how every time i buy shoes from Evans I'm always tricked into believing my feet are small dainty things as i always have to down size!
I can't wait for spring/summer so my feet can breath again and i can indulge in my shoe love that is toe post sandals oh and jellies, tacky i know but every girl needs a bit of tack in their lives! What are you looking forward to wearing spring/summer? xoxo


  1. HAHAHA! I also love how Evans makes me feel like I have small feet due to having to "downsize" lol

  2. I have big feet too, YEah Evans is heaven sent....