Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh How I Love You Mr Delivery Man!

Happy Tuesday people! Its almost mid week now and i am tired! No outfits posts until the weekend me thinks, unless you want a picture of me in my uniform! So as I sit here with a green head scarf, pink tartan pants and black Betty Boop top you can see i am feeling very fashion ready!
Since i discovered H&M do this buy now and pay later, i have been cruising their website like an Internet creep, and as i debated should i or shouldn't i, something took over my index finger and clicked  that purchase button! I like to live life with no regrets, so i have none. Besides I purchase from the sale section to ease my conscience!

So after receiving a text message from H&M this morning saying my delivery would be with me in the next 24/48 hrs imagine my delight when i got home and opened the door to find my delivery waiting for me, oh Mr delivery guy how i love you so!
I got two dresses and a chain which totalled to £32.90 including postage and packaging, i think I'm the winner here! I also got some new work boots from Simply Be which weren't on sale I'm afraid to report but a girl needs what she needs!
I've been cruising the Forever 21+ since they now have a descent selection available to the UK and i find the sizing confusing as hell! So if anyone could suggest a size for someone that wears a UK 20-22 that would make my day!

Everything reminds me of spring, i can't wait for the rain and cold to fade away! So many outfits to wear that would look so much better against a back drop of blue skies and sun!
I just wanna say THANK YOU to my new followers and old for making me feel like I'm not talking to myself! Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. I´m loving that H&M dress! What size is it? I usually find dressed in that style and that sort of material from H&M re small on my bust!


  2. That blouse is DIVINE! I love it. Great choices...I would love to see how you put it together. I will await a pic.......
    S Nicole - the lush expert

  3. oh my word, what great buys! i wish US had the curvy line of H&M. i would be even more broke though ... lol. cant wait to see u rock these!