Sunday, 27 February 2011

OOTD No Bra at the Wedding

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I went to my first ever Turkish wedding on Saturday! It was the best wedding I've been to so far (trust me it's not many)
It was also the first time I've ever left the house without a bra! Being able to leave the house bra less is something I've always dreamed of but never done because it tends to be impossible when you wear a 38 JJ. I purchased this dress a while back from Asos and have never had the opportunity to wear it as it was a special occasion dress, the club to me is not a special occasion! So since i was invited to a wedding i thought it the perfect time to christen it. When i first tried it on I'm sure i did so with a bra, this time i tried it again just to make sure it could still fit. Me and my housemate were debating outfits and i just dragged the dress on without the bra and to my surprise because of the boning in the dress i felt quite secure, i was assured that i didn't look like i was gonna have a Janet Jackson moment so i thought it safe enough to leave the bra.

Dress- Asos
Blazer-Simply Be
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

As the night progressed i started to feel conscious that my boobs were about to fall out, after a few trips to the toilet my mind was put at rest, i did carry my bra just in case i embarrassed myself but I'm glad to say the bra stayed under wraps!
The venue was beautiful and everyone dressed to impress, my favourite part had to be when people pin money on the bride and groom! I would have a Turkish wedding just for that alone!
Now time to bore you with the pictures....

I loved all the lighting, as you can tell!

It was nice seeing a young couple have a very traditional wedding! Top marks for organisation! What would be your ideal wedding? xoxo


  1. Its such a beautiful dress!
    ps: more power to you on going out without a bra, I dont know if I can lol. :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Those girls look VERY well behaved there! lol! Well done on you! That´s something to celebrate if nothing else! And yes, the pinning money onto the bride and groom at turkish (and also Kurdish) weddings is enough to make anyone want a turkish / kurdish wedding! lol