Monday, 28 February 2011

OOTD Tribal Skirt

Last night me and the girls went to see No Strings Attached as we were bored sitting in the house, i decided to wear my new boots, so i put on my tribal skirt and denim shirt. I loved the movement and how comfortable i felt in it as i stuffed my face with Ben & Jerry's ice cream!
I found this ring when i was clearing out my room the other day, it was a gift from my aunt a few years ago.  I thought it would tie in well with my tribal theme.

Skirt/Denim Shirt/Leggings-Dorothy Perkins
White Tee-Asos
Belt-Dorothy Perkins
Boots-Simply Be (Moda in Pelle)

Is it me or does anyone else wear leggings as tights? I love the thickness of leggings sometimes i can't achieve that same look with opaque tights!
The film was ok, it was nice going to the cinema, it's been such a long time i forgot how expensive it can be!
Some magazine recommended the film as a good date movie, i have to disagree, with the sexual scenes i would feel a little uncomfortable watching with a potential lover, especially if  i don't like the guy! What do you think? xoxo


  1. You look beauuuuuuuuutiful! This is something Id wear, DEFO! - Wouldnt want to want a film with very racy bits with a guy I barely know either! lol.

  2. thats so crazy! that pattern looks like (or is it?) the pattern thats in my harem pants, lol! LOVE that you paired it with denim hun! work it!

  3. Hello! I love your outfit!!! That denim was a nice touch to the outfit! & I love to wear tights as leggings. Some tights you can see through them and I can't stand that! Anyway, you look great!

  4. cute outfit lady!