Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Swallows and Strips


Its funny that when you set out to buy one thing you come back with something else! I left the house yesterday just to go to Superdrugs to buy my face shit, i did come back with face shit but came back with clothes as well which was not meant to happen, I'm not flossing at the moment I'm meant to be watching the pockets. The thing is if i went out with intention to buy clothes i would have come back empty handed! Every time i can't afford to shop i see everything that i want Grrrrrr! If I'd given into my urges to buy every damn thing my credit card would have started laughing at me and told me to get a grip!

So like a good girl i did the right thing (kinda) and only came home with 4 things, my mustard and navy stripped bat wing top from George Asda, a Navy chiffon swallow blouse from New Look, my skull chain and grey chiffon ball necklace from Evans (which only cost £5 for both!)

My new nail colours Grey and Mushroom from Barry M

Since I'm trying to start a skirt revolution i picture the blouse with a pencil skirt and the stripe top belted with a black mini and thick tights. If the skirt thing doesn't work out jeans it is!
I'll have some OOTD pics soon. xoxo 

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