Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When We Drink We Do It Right Getting Slizzard

Mac-Simply Be
pls excuse the shiny face and awkward smile, still trying to learn not to look retarded in pics

So Monday night i got drunk, i was definitely feeling like a G6 lol. Me and my T.F.B (top flight bredrin) had a couple of vouchers for some bars in the heart of London, since we were both off work seemed like a good idea to spice up a Monday night. First we stopped off at Grace Bar for a Bellini and a rustic sharing platter which had the best calamari I've had in a long time, i was so hungry i didn't even take a picture for you guys, I'm easily distracted by food!

T.F.B and her cocktail
 I had the worst craven for ice cream and since that time of the month is fast approaching the sugar monster within rears its ugly head. We made our way through china town to my favorite spot Haagen Daz Cafe. Now the whole way I'm thinking about the chocolate caramel muffin with one scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream and one scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream all topped off with hot fudge sauce and chocolate sauce and a squirt of fresh cream I'm going to devour, so imagine my horror to find the place closed for refurbishment! I swear i almost lost a tear, after that nothing would have been a suitable replacement but to keep that monster quiet i had to do something so i found a cheap replacement at TGI Friday grrrrrr!

The next voucher was for Lab Bar Academy. If cocktails are your thing then this is the place to be, they give you a cocktail menu almost as big as the bible, its a little like Tom Cruise in cocktail but not as cheesy more modern and cool lol and not bad prices as well. We even got a free double shot of baileys just because lol

We were well and truly slizzard by this point! i wasn't ready to go home so i dragged the TFB to Bar Rumba ( let me state that this is not THE place to go if you wanna have a real good time on the dance floor because there are people that should not be allowed on it because they are a danger to all, but if you wanna be entertained then GO)
I enjoyed my night until near the end a guy spoiled it when he came up to me as they do, i was polite, said i had a boyfriend so thanks but no thanks, he didn't like it and then turned into the biggest dick, i was literally shouting at him to leave my alone and when he kept trying to lean in to talk to me i was shouting at him to stop talking to me, he got PIED  (Pied-to shame someone, or make a public display of them)
After that we jumped in our awaiting chariot home aka night bus. Hope your week started off well. xoxo

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  1. You look BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL, girl! I know what you mean by people being a danger on the dance floor, yet at the same time they can be entertaining! lol

    I want to see more photos of your outfits! I´m really ill at the mo, so probably won´t be posting much for at least a few days now, but I will be rearing my head baout when I can!

    Btw, you look like you lost a few stones! (???)

    Much luv,