Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunshine And Bubbles

Trust me I don't need the AA in my life, but there is nothing wrong with an afternoon tipple in the sunshine! Let me tell you London looks even more magical through slighted glazed eyes lol Last week I decided to go for some afternoon tea and prosecco (ah-maz-ing!) on this rare occasion when I happen to have a camera I decided to take pictures like a tourist and appreciate my surroundings, doing so made me feel like there is no place like home, no matter where I visit in the world their is no city quite like London for me. See what I see....

Top-Forever 21+
Jeggings-Dorothy Perkins
Kimono jacket-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-Head Over Heels
Ring-Dorothy Perkins
Necklace-Forever 21

All I can say is bring on the summer! I hope you are all making the most of your free days and enjoying your surroundings and not taking for granted the little things in life! Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. Awww, the memories!!! Home Sweet Home, eh!!! Loving your outfit!! Where is that ring from???


  2. And London misses you too, so do I #sadface. The ring is from Dorothy Perkins I did list it. It is from last year though! You know what I cant wait to get my hands on in Madrid, its the fab rings tailored for my sausage fingers lol xoxo