Friday, 13 April 2012

Shoe Power!

Some days I feel like playing dress up! Early this week I took a trip to Matalan with my flatmate who had to take a few things back. The plan was not to shop but you can't hold a good girl down, even with £20 in my purse I managed to snag these beauty's that I want to wear with everything! I call them my summer 2012 bang bang shoes, yes its a mouthful but its the way I feel!
So I centred an entire outfit around it, I even got to wear a top I've had from last year that had never been worn, that's a double bonus, these shoes were meant to be in my life! They are supa high but supa comfortable, triple threat, POW!!!

Yes, you know you love them lol So I had planned to go out in  two weeks time and decided whatever I wear WILL include these shoes!

When I first bought this top which is very much a box top I liked it and hated it at the same time, the reason why I liked it was simply because I love stripes, I hated it because I was unsure of the shape on me and how to wear it because it comes up very short at the front like a crop top (I got too much belly for that) I considered wearing it like a jacket but just never got round to it!

But with a vest top tucked into my jeans that's problem solved! To tie in the shoe I chucked on some turquoise jewellery and hey presto! I love the contrast of a hot pink lip to set of the colours.

Top-Love Label
Jeans-Dorothy Perkins

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, mine will be spent at work booooo *sad face*
Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. Those are really cute shoes!!

    Fashion Rehab

    1. i know right lol, thanks for commenting xoxo