Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Feel My Pain

This was the picture I took before going to an emergency dental walk-in centre. After suffering with the worst toothache in the history of man, a good example of how bad I suffered, this is me on 3hrs sleep. I looked at the clock at 8am and started to cry (yes CRY) I have never been so exhausted, I so wanted to sleep but the pain in my mouth would not let me. I don't even know when and how I managed to get the 3hrs in! So at 18.30hrs I set out to find this mystery walk-in centre (It opens at 19:00hrs).  I say mystery because all I had was a number (a number which constantly went to answer machine) I must have caught the name and googled it and got what I thought was the right address! Turned out it was the wrong address and after getting lost on the grounds of one hospital I finally got through to the number only to be told they were nowhere near where I was at. Imagine my frustration added to the pain oh and did I mention I have been off work with the flu?! Yes this has not been the best week for me! So after spending £8.50 for a taxi to this walk-in centre I was in and out within 1hr of arrival! Happy days!!

So for now I have been fitted with a temporary filing and I am happy to report I will be able to sleep tonight, I am still sick though but you can't win them all. This has been a big lesson (one I never seem to learn) I need to not let things get on top before I sort it out! This could have all been avoided if as soon as I noticed the small hole I signed up with a dentist (people let me just say the last time I had a dentist I was around 11yrs old) Its a miracle I have teeth in my head! Now the hunt is on to find a dentist ASAP.  Hope your all having a better week. Thanks for reading. XOXO

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