Sunday, 22 April 2012

The T.F.B Series

Hi guy's hope you all had a great weekend! I've decided to start a new segment called the T.F.B (Top Flight Bredrin) series. I thought I would dedicate a section of my blog to the stylish people in my life! Mainly being my flatmates! They forever give me style inspiration, I love that I am able to have friends that I live with who share my passion for fashion. Being big girls in a small world is hard, hard, hard, especially when all you wanna do is look fashionable and feel good on a daily basis!
So since they were kind enough to consent, every Sunday I will do a special post starting from today!

Let me introduce you formally to Letticia (Tisha for short) She has featured in my blog many a time, more importantly she normally takes my blog pictures! She usually entertains my notions of getting dressed up just for the hell of it! lol I am sure she will feature the most in this series. She has great sense of style and she is never afraid to think outside the box and try something new style wise!

Everything-Dorothy Perkins

I love this nautical look, I have yet to jump on board this one (no pun intended lol) See you next Sunday. Thanks for reading. XOXO


  1. I love the blazer and the red lip.

    1. red lips are my fav! and thanks for passing thru, i love your blog by the way xoxo

  2. Belt from Matalan cheap and cheerful! She looks good! Go Prentice!!!

    1. oh thats right i forgot good old matalan! Hope you know your next blud lol