Thursday, 29 March 2012

There's Just Something Magic About The Theatre!

Has everyone been enjoying this recent sunny spell like I have? I hope so, its days like these I love living in London. I've been a busy bee this week, I have made the most of my week off and enjoyed the weather, catching up with friends, laughing enjoying my life really! I don't know why but I have been in a good mood of late, maybe it's the sun!
Anyway this week I treated my T.F.B to a night at the theatre to see Legally Blonde ( it was an early birthday present) I'm gonna be honest it wouldn't have been my first choice but since she kept on about going I thought it would make a nice gift, I haven't even seen any of the films (by choice)
To my surprise I really enjoyed it, it had the most camp moments but it made me laugh out loud and nod my head to the catchy songs, I totally recommend it.

I had recently purchased a new lipstick from Mac called Rebel. I just want to say on record if I could wear this lipstick everyday I would! It has become my favourite lippy of the moment!

I have been obsessed with black eyeliner and bold lips of late, it seems to be my new look I think its the new hair do my flatmate calls "Hollywood" I guess I can say that's how I feel with it lol

So on to the outfit, I decided to go quite simple really, I wore my Asos top (I am sure everyone owns by now lol) and some simple jeans. I felt comfortable which will always be the way I wanna feel in my clothes

Necklace-Forever 21


Happy to say the T.F.B thoroughly enjoyed herself. I do love the theatre in general I should definitely make it a rule to go more often, I am open to recommendations. XOXO


  1. You look UH-MA-ZING!!! I love EVERYTHING about this!

    Oh! And snap! I have that top too :p xxx

    1. thank you huni! I know i saw your stylish self in it lol xoxo

  2. Nice necklace

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    1. thanks hun, i will be glad to check you out xoxo