Sunday, 29 April 2012

The T.F.B. Series

OK it's that time again, happy to bring you my second instalment of this new series! Let me Introduce you to my second T.F.B also my flatmate.

Everybody meet Hum, this lady is also special to me! I would say our style choices sometimes differ and sometimes she might need more convincing on a look that I like, but man does she have style! She doesn't always go out and get spruced up like me an Tisha but when she does I never worry because she always looks on point!
This was an outfit on a night out we had (let me tell you we don't have many of them all together) And as always the girl scrubs up well lol

If this girl had her way she would have stayed home, OK it was raining cats and dogs but still! The difference with us is that I enjoy getting dressed up, she doesn't, it's a chore for her lol

Jumpsuit-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-Red Herring

I love the jumpsuit, always been something I wished I could pull off but sadly it doesn't suit me!
Wishing everyone a happy Sunday, here's hoping your experiencing better weather where you are. Thanks for reading, and welcome new followers! XOXO

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  1. I love the jumpsuit ! The weather is awful here it's not stopped raining all week I'm ready for it to stop now