Sunday, 17 April 2011

OOTD- I Feel Wicked in White

Hope April is finding everyone in good spirits, i know i am definitely walking with a spring in my step its been nice having some warmth, not having to wear layers of clothes, and occasionally being waken up by the sun in the morning!

Its been pretty slow on the outfit front, I've been too tired to make an effort on my days off work. I have purchased a lot of new clothes lately, i have the shopping bug at the moment and that is never good for the pocket i seem to be spending like i have won the lottery! I will do a shoe post on a few newbies i have from H&M and Isme.
I think the next purchase i will make is a tripod for my camera because taking full length pictures is impossible by myself and i think my housemate might kill me if i ask her to take anymore pics of me lol

On to the outfit. Last night i went to see Wicked with my housemates. I wore my brand new cheese cloth midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins. I was having a bloated day and was going into melt down, you know when nothing in your wardrobe looks right? I didn't want to wear anything uncomfortable like support underwear, i wanted to let my belly hang free!

The skirt had movement, it was cool and comfortable I LOVE IT! I need it in more colours quick!
Blazer- Simply Be
Everything else-Dorothy Perkins

I wore it with a plain black top and a faux leather belt all from Dorothy Perkins. I felt comfortable all night and really enjoyed the show i would say if your into musicals then it should be on your list of things to see, it had all the sparkle and gut busting numbers you would expect. Its a little bit on the pricey side but i think i got my money's worth!

Oh i forgot my necklace..... Its from Evans and it cost me £2 in the sale! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far, thanks to all you beauties for reading. xoxo


  1. Looking good girlie! This outfit is chic and perfect for spring! :D


  2. I love that statement necklace. So cute!
    S Nicole

  3. Youlook BEAUTIFUL my bestie! I bought a long tutu from H&M very recently, and have been thinking if I should take it back, but you have just inspired me to keep it and re-create this look with it :) xxx