Tuesday, 22 March 2011

DIY-Get Beading

Hello, and yes its been a while! In my defence i have just got back from Bedford, i spent 4 days with my friend and her family which was a much needed break!
Last week i decided to save money and revamp something i don't wear much in my wardrobe
I decided to go with this dress which only cost me £2 (you gotta love thrifting) I've only wore it once and it has lived in the back of my wardrobe since

As you can see there is nothing special about this dress. So cue Tiger the Icelandic version of Ikea for my beads,  and a whole lot of patience....

The finished product! I am very proud of my first customization! I wanna add some shoulder pads to give it more structure! can't wait to wear it! What do you think? What have you made your own? xoxo


  1. Wow!!! It looks amazinggggggggggg!! Well done! Was it hard to do??


  2. I don't think i've made anything spectacular! Wow, from plain to glam. Isn't there just a bit of satisfaction when wearing this out? :)

  3. thanx ladies! it was easy to do, i have no experience in this field so anyone can do it, I find it addictive so becareful because before you know it you will be beading everything!

  4. Wow, I love what you did with this dress!! The shoulder pads are a really good idea, they would add some "umph" to the dress! :)

  5. this is awesome! love this dress and what u done! :)