Monday, 18 April 2011

Shoe Heaven- Wedges

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New Look
I love wedges! Especially since heels are not really my thing, wedges will always be my saviour! My first memory of wearing heels was when i was about 9 yrs old, bear in mind this was the early 90's my mums idea of fashion was coordination, everything had to match.
I remember my mum dressing me in a floral cream denim short suit with matching jacket and to top it off she made me wear cream court shoes to match, of course she thought i looked the business! I on the other hand did not share the same view and as i click clocked down the street i wanted to die! That day we went to visit my gran, usually i looked forward to that the most because i had a lot of friends in the block and i spent most of the time with them playing like children do! However that day was different, as soon as i reached my grans block and saw all my friends running around i tried to hide behind my mum not wanting to be seen i was so embarrassed! It was only a matter of time before my grans front door knocked and i knew i had been spotted! what made it worst was the fact i was forced to go out and play with these hideous shoes on making all kinds of noise. That was the start of my heel fear! It took me a long time to get over it, i am happy to say i love heels now its just a shame i can't walk in them for longer than a minute (OK slight exaggeration but you get my drift)
I have always wanted to be the girl that grabs the heels instead of trainers when going shopping, i don't wanna have to bring a separate bag for my flats on my nights out! Well until such a day comes i can live closer to that dream with the wedge!

Cue my new shoe.........

I love how it zips all the way down to the end

OK I'm not saying i will be wearing this to do my next food shop at Asda but they are so darn comfortable that who knows i might just surprise you! lol
I can't remember how much these babies cost one of the problems when ordering from catalogues but I'm sure i got it for around £30 from Isme my new favourite shopping spot! Like i said these are so comfortable i haven't worn them out the house yet so the comfort thing is just a theory because if i have learnt anything that is try on heels on a hard surface the carpet will always lie to you! Are you feeling the wedge at the moment? xoxo


  1. i love wedges too those are hot!

  2. i love my new shoes my feet feel like they might explode everytime i put them on because thats how hot they are lol x

  3. These wedges are bad ass girlie! They seem so high but yet soooo cute! I love this post! The way it zips down to the end is my fav part as well...

  4. I can only "catwalk" in wedges. Go figure!
    S Nicole

  5. Hi Cherry. I like your collection. Wedges are bliss for those who cannot wear heels. But I like wedges in light colors like orange, yellow, parrot, etc.
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