Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chino's Yes or No?

I have never been big on trousers, i only tend to wear jeans because i like the way they fit my behind making it look slightly under control. I have a strange shape, yes i am sure that i would be classed as an hour glass which is always a good thing, but my ass is massive and its very high! Its so high that my housemates have labelled me "Neck Butt" the bitches! lol
When you have this problem its hard to even think about wearing low rise jeans because my crack would forever be on display, also i find it a problem when considering wearing peg leg trousers as i find them quite spacious around the bum area so i'm thinking that they would not be flattering for someone like me (i could be wrong!)
I have been seeing a lot of the Chino pant these days and i really do like them they dont look like they would fit the same as a peg leg pant so i am tempted to try them

New Look

New Look
I am thinking of trying the ones from New Look i am digging the waist belt. It would be nice to wear something other than the jean, especially since the weather is getting warmer, jeans and heat don't mix well with me! What do you think about the Chino pant? What pants are you digging at the moment? xoxo


  1. I am loving the trouser look myself!
    I can never find a really good fitting pair though..
    Oh well, this made me wanna look harder! LOL!
    New follower :)


  2. YES to chino's, i am a big fan of these because of the fabric they are made of, the special thing is you can wear them for every occasion as they are available in various shades and styles.