Sunday, 17 April 2011

D.I.Y- Waste Not Want Not

I was recently clearing my closet and found my old Evans denim jacket I've had forever, I haven't worn it in over a year, i tried it on just for good measure and found that it was too big and didn't fit right! Now i remember why it was sitting in the back of my wardrobe collecting dust.  It didn't feel right to just throw it out so i thought about ways i could save my jacket. It then occurred to me that i didn't have a sleeveless denim jacket and it seemed like something i could do to revamp my jacket.

I cut the sleeves off and cut the the bottom of the jacket to make it shorter.
I cut the bottom tabs off and sewed it onto the shoulders to add some detail to the jacket

I also took in the sides to make it smaller so it could be more fitted. After all that sewing by hand ( yes i said by hand!) i ended up with a brand new jacket.
I am pleased with the end result, i recommend using a sewing machine as that would have been a 10 min job instead of 30mins! Maybe i might have to invest in a sewing machine since i am discovering the world of D.I.Y. xoxo


  1. i just did that to one of my jackets!

  2. U r awesome to be your own personal seamtress. I love it! Maybe I will do that to my crop denim jacket - remove the sleeves. Thanks for the inspiration!
    S Nicole

  3. Wow! Your post is so suggestive. I also own such a denim jacket that I don't like to wear. But after reading your post, I have now decide to transform it into sleeveless denim jacket.
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