Saturday, 4 September 2010

This Fish is Going Back in the Pond

I don't know if it's the fact that its "the" time of the month and everything seems to be pissing me off but please help me work out whether I'm being un-reasonable! The story goes...

For the sake of identity we shall call this guy the "Teacher" as that's his occupation, i met the Teacher at work, i work for London Transport so i see thousands of people everyday. For a long while the Teacher would say hi and tell me he was my number one fan ( a fan club i never knew existed!?) anyway never one to shy away from a compliment or two i would just smile and say thank you. For awhile it went on this way until one day he decided to grow some balls and write me a note with his name and number signed "number 1 fan",  i call him we talk on the phone and arrange to meet for a drink.
The drink goes well, we seem to get on, he's a gentleman never invading my space, he walks me back to the station and gives me a hug as we part ways, i mean he didn't even attempt to kiss me! i didn't mind no rush always a second date!

We have a few text conversations after that, his texts always seem to be cryptic i start to realise he never says what he means, now I'm too old to be playing games and trying to work out what you want if you don't man up and tell me straight i will play dumb! so that's what i do and for a few months we still haven't progressed to the second date, i mean he did try and invite himself round, putting me on the spot like i don't have a life but i like to plan things and i don't know him that well. (maybe that's anal of me)

So i see him at work just as I'm about to go on my break i say to him i 'm going out for lunch and immediately he's like "I'm not coming with you, I'm going home I'm tired, I'm selfish like that!" now that put my back up because first of all ain't nobody asked his arse to go anywhere i didn't even hint at him and second of all you obviously wanna get in my panties and you ain't even prepared to work for it! Where did this guy come from? I tell him not to worry because i wasn't asking him to follow me anywhere and then i sod off not wasting another minute of my break!

Right now i think Teacher might potentially be a dick, but i do like to give the benefit of the doubt. So yesterday i see Teacher again while at work of course, we're chatting about nothing then he starts getting all cryptic again which is very tiring for me even more so when its red flag month and patience is at an all time low!
 He starts talking about me inviting him round for tea and biscuits and whatever else i wanna give him, of course this is code for something else but i play dumb because its clear to me now that after 4/5 months of knowing you and you still are not saying a thing you have no game! So i say no i don't invite anyone round for "tea and biscuits" then he starts talking about how i should share! now i say what do you know about sharing your selfish remember! he starts trying to back pedal and justify being selfish which i didn't know was possible!
 Then he asks me if i was dying and my mother was dying and there was only one pill that could save us would i keep it to myself or give it to my mum? naturally i say i would think about saving my mum first before i save myself! now i don't know if that's just me but Teacher looked at me in disbelief and said if it was him he wouldn't even consider his mum in fact if he saw the pill before she did he would take it without her knowing! WHAT A DICK! he actually thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to save my mum! At this point i was in shock and all i could say was you would say that because your selfish and he just agreed with me! With a stroke of luck my break was due (thank the lord) and he tried to kind of linger a goodbye and somehow went back to me not sharing with him, my last words were "i don't share with selfish people!"

Now i ask you this, would i be un-reasonable if i never spoke to him again?......


  1. Ermmmm kick his ass to the curb! I'm sorry but, how old is he 16?? He's playing games, and you deserve better than that honey! Not to mention he sounds like a total wack job, you meet some crazy people on public transportation (I know first hand experince) but it must be worse for you because you work there...

    Good on you for walking away! You're definitely out of his league!

    I might see you one day in London! Hopefully I will :D


  2. LaCara he is old enough!lol don't worry he's been kicked!
    sometimes i think crazy is an understatement you should spend the day with me cause don't no one know crazy like i know crazy ;) xox