Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Few Newbies

Just wanted to share with you a few new things i got over the weekend, Tisha had some major shopping to do i was just meant to go for moral support but i ended up with a few things as usual!
I don't know if any one is familiar with the store Ann Harvey London but i have always dismissed it as one of those typical fat girl stores that make frumpy clothes aimed at the mature lady, Tisha bought boots from there last winter and i actually liked them, when she told me where it was from i didn't believe it! i thought it was definitely a one off. So she dragged me in there over the weekend and i found my favourite pair of boots, i now love Ann Harvey lol  i also got some bits in the clearance from Asos.

Boots-Anne Harvey London

Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

Top-New Look

Dress-Asos Curve


Ball Necklace-Asos

Swallow Chain-Asos
And just a couple of my birthday gifts that my housemates got me! Love Them!

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