Monday, 13 September 2010

Go Go Go Go Shawty It's Your Birthday.....

Wooo its official i am now 28!! I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, well the celebrations started from Friday night! Can you believe i had two great outfits and i forgot to take my camera i have NO PICTURES! i might have to recreate them at a later date!

So Friday was not really planned well, me and my flatmate decided last minute to head out to a club in Leicester sq which had a Que that didn't move, and as we patiently waited for it to move it dawned on us that we might be the oldest people in the club as the Que was full of teenie boppers! Soo not my scene so we decided to make a quick escape and head off to another club which we had been to once before on a Friday and we knew we were guaranteed a more mature crowd. Lets just say it wasn't the night i thought we would of had, I didn't dance (which is not like me) there were too many people not enough space, could just about get a drink at the bar, couldn't hear the music very well so spent the night playing guess the song! And to top it off some corny ass men with lines like "don't i know you!" and "i love your skin, its so real" with all the fake skin out there i must be a breath of fresh air! lol (what a dick)

Saturday was a little better, i had the best day at home let me just say i have the best flatmates in the world, they are like extended family, i got great gifts from them they even got me a birthday cake, LOVE THEM!
I was meant to meet my friends at 6.30 for dinner i didn't get there until 7:30 (bad start) and to make it worse i wasn't able to book a table so i was told we had to wait 1hr and 30mins for a table which was not gonna happen so we ended up at Planet Hollywood which was not very nice! we went to a bar for drinks before we hit the club, which was good because the drinks were cheap i had loads to drink but for once i was steady on my feet i think its because i wore my bodymagic girdle for the first time and that was cutting my blood flow so the alcohol couldn't do its job! While we are on that subject let me just say my night was spoiled because of that thing! i have never felt so uncomfortable and restricted in all my days lol i was very close to taking it off in the club, i sat down all night because i was that uncomfortable! i am close to burning the damn thing, not sure if i wanna wear it again no matter how it hides my lumps and bumps i would rather have it all on show then wear that thing again! Apart from that i had a nice day it was nice getting everyone together and just having a laugh!

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