Sunday, 26 February 2012

Anna Scholtz At The Wedding

Hello beautiful people, hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far! I had the weekend off and got to share a really special day on Saturday, a day filled with love and plenty of wine.  I got to attend my flatmates little sisters wedding! What a beautiful day! The only bad thing was my battery died on my camera *sobs*  I only got to take a few pics, I was lucky to even get a pic of myself!

I decided to order the Kimono Sleeve Anna Scholtz dress for this event from Simply Be

The colour was a beautiful burnt orange. My only problem with this dress was the material! It hid the stomach bulge nicely but because it was slightly clingy it showed my dimples in my butt, thighs what ever it grazed! I was determined to wear this dress so I had to buy a slip (undergarment) when I tried it on I found it still showed my lumps and bumps!  In the end I had to wear the slip and my chaffing shorts for it to work! I did get a little hot at times but I was pleased with the end result, I just wish I had more pictures for you!
Shoes-Fearne Cotton
Necklace-New Look
I think I love weddings, they make me happy and hopeful for the future! I'm such a romantic!
Hope your weekend is full of love.  Thanks for reading. XOXO

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