Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Girl Can Want

  1. Bespoke Monochrome Dress-Simply Be
  2. Anna Scholz Kimono Sleeve Dress-Simply Be
  3. Fringe Kimono Blouse by Love Label-Isme
  4. Peplum Skirt  by Love Label-Isme
  5. Aztec Print Sweat Top by Love Label-Isme     

It's just too cold right now! I am not coping in these minus conditions especially when my job has me standing outside in them for 8 hours!! All i wanna do after a long day is go home, get into my pyjamas and put that kettle on! I swear spring needs to hurry up already! Plus there are predictions of snow at the weekend Grrrrrrrrrr, I am definitely staying in this weekend!

Anyway lets get back to what makes me warm and fuzzy inside, Internet window shopping! (I.W.S)
Right now its all about the online catalogue purchases for me.  As much as I do love Simply Be, Isme seems to be taking over.  It's more of a straight sized catalogue but it does have a lot of straight sizes available for us larger ladies! Plus i find a lot of it more youthful, less frumpy because it's available to all sizes (well most)

Is anyone else loving the peplum trend? I am loooving it, not only is it my sexy secret weapon of 2012 the pencil skirt, the peplum frill hides a multitude of sins, I don't even need support panties with it! No more long trips to the toilet having to spend an extra 10mins of my time fixing my support pants! I just pee and go! #Flipshairandstrutsoff.  Thanks for reading. XOXO

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