Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentines Day Fail = The Bitching Post!!

Hope everybody had a wonderful valentines day, whether you spent it with the love of your life or the people you love in your life! Now we are over with the pleasantries.......

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 I AM MAD MAD MAD! (yes I did just shout that) What you have to understand people is that I haven't had a chance to have a real valentines day in a long time, so of course I was super excited to finally be able to have a romantic date since I now have a boyfriend to share the day with! To make sure it was perfect I even requested valentines day off work because if I didn't do that I would have had to work the late shift! I had my present already, weeks in advance, it was just a matter of wrapping it!

As the day crept nearer, I got more excited, we never discussed the plan for the day, I didn't really wanna know what he had planned because I wanted everything to be a surprise, I had no doubts in him, I mean the man bought me a Blackberry for Christmas!!
I had even planned to do an OOTD post on my planned outfit for the night!
So the night before we had some "communication problems" we didn't speak that much because he was busy ( he is in the process of finding a new place to live) running around with estate agents. So I left him to it and thought I would just talk to him tomorrow!

So it's V Day, I text him Happy V Day as soon as I am up, he text's back but no mention of the plans for the day. I leave him for a couple of hours then I can't stand it any longer I message him asking him the plans for the day! His reply was " I have to be at the estate agents before 5pm and I have two work visits to do :-(.
Ok in my head I am thinking your not answering my question, what are you telling me exactly? I say so you are busy, well I am going to go do some shopping up west! I ask him what time will he be home, he says 6pm. Now in my head I am thinking that's not late at all!!
I go about my day, I am feeling irritated by this point as I have no clue as to what is going, while I am out I get another text saying he should be home soon, but he has to be up at 6am for work.  Now I am thinking this dude can't be serious (usually being up early is code for I can't see you tonight) I then say "so I guess I won't be seeing you today!" his reply was his battery was dying, he will text when he gets home.

7pm I get a message saying he is home asking how my day was, I say I am still out and about! Bearing in mind people he hasn't even apologised to me! I am absolutely fuming!! So I tell him he owes me a decent Valentines Day! Only then does he give any kind of acknowledgement  "I will make it up to you :-(" by then the damage is done, that does not cut it, that does not pass the grade for an apology! I can't even begin to describe my anger.  I just leave it at that before I say something I regret!

So once again another Valentines Day flop! Not even a card, or chocolates or

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 Don't get me wrong, I have no problem in spending Valentines alone in that way, but why should I if I have a "man" in my life!!
Even if he was truly busy that's ok, I just don't like how he handled the whole thing, he should have come better than that! E.g. " Babe I'm sorry about today, just been really busy, I promise to make it up to you" or a phone call of that nature! Without me having to prompt him to say sorry! I don't like being treated like the chick on the side! Right now I am still cheesed off so all I can muster is the cold shoulder!
 Sometimes it's better to be single, you don't get disappointment when all you have is yourself to rely on! That's one thing about relationships I never could stand, and I had a lot of it with my Ex.  I know perfection doesn't exist but I can't help but have high expectations maybe that's the Virgo in me!

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 P.S. Maybe  I'll do that outfit post anyway! Thanks for reading XOXO

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