Thursday, 21 July 2011

Online Dating Causes Depression

Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself! I joined another dating website, one that doesn't ask you for your account number before you can see what your potential love interests look like! This one is for BBW (big beautiful women)
I'm still not sure what my view is completely on sites like these that just aim for chubby chasers (man i hate that word "chubby chaser" but I'll use it anyway)  On one hand I appreciate it because for once I don't have to feel apologetic for being full figured, and before you start on me I am NOT apologetic for my excess curves, its just that when you sign up for these dating sites you can't help but feel like you don't belong with the "beautiful" people Its just marketed for the young, thin, and beautiful! (even though the reality is different) I am sure there is even a dating website just for good looking people, apparently when you submit your profile and pic if you don't fit that bracket your out!
I'm not even mad at that! So I comfortably submit my pic and write a brief description trying to be humorous of course. Then i start my search for those men who want me just the way i am! Because I'm mentally challenged (in a rush, eager, bordering desperate) I forget to narrow my search down to people in the same country never mind city! And Yes I am blown away by the men looking good enough to eat i am starting to picture myself running through a meadow holding hands with my potential husband in slow motion of course! Then suddenly my brain catches up with itself and i notice all these hotties that LIKE ME JUST THE WAY I AM are not even in my reach! ARRRGGGHHHHHH! 
So I go back to my search box and type in London and hit the enter button, and after just being spoiled by 162 pages it is then narrowed down to 7!
slightly disappointed by the search results I go through the motions and with each page that passes me by I start to feel depressed by the chubby chasers on offer to me!  In the 7 pages I think about 5 people look somewhat attractive and within my age range! How depressing is that! After that I turned off my computer as it was late and  i thought that could possible cloud my judgement!

New Day, New Me!
 I woke up thinking maybe I was being a little harsh and I would start my search again maybe even send someone a smile.
So as I check my daily emails I find a few notifications saying I've been sent a few smiles (smiles are like winks, or a nudge to let someone know you like what you see)
The first smile is from some buffed out dude who looks quite attractive, first thing i think is maybe i was tired last night! I click on his profile and nearly choke on my spit when I flick through his pics, he had one pic where he was running towards the camera on the beach wearing canary yellow briefs that look suspiciously like man thongs! To add further insult when i read what he wrote i wanted to kick him in the mouth! He is the biggest tool ever, "P.S. I am told that I m a curves pleaser" has to be the best part!

I have an email from a guy who obviously didn't read my profile when i stated my age range, 28 and 47 are not a good mix. This guy also feels the need to write me an essay about himself, and only himself! He doesn't even ask me anything! Then he goes on to say how he isn't religious because he has had relationships with men! Now don't get me wrong i have no problems with same sex relationships, love is love, but call me old fashioned i didn't think that was appropriate for a first email!
Anyway as I click onto the next admirer I sigh with relief as this guy looks cute ( i know pictures can be deceiving) he sounds relatively normal so i send him a smile back. A few minutes later i get an email back asking how I'm doing etc. So far this email conversation seems to be going well ( I'm not getting overly excited i know how these things can go down) he's an ex marine, lives not too far, he is saying the right things right now! I might just go on a date to see if he is who he says he is. Is it possible to find your perfect match on dating websites? What do you think? xoxo


  1. I wouldnt hold my breath, really. But your post has made me laugh! Thank you!

  2. I've not tried it, I've always been very reserved when it comes to men and dating but not anything else. I should give it a go really, nothing to lose! Good Luck x

  3. I know this is an old post, but just want to give you props. The candidness of it is appreciated.

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