Sunday, 10 July 2011

Night Out-80's vs 90's

I thought i would start of by apologising for the lack of photos in this post, but i thought something was better than nothing!
After a peaceful Saturday it all went topsy turvey by time the evening hit! Why is it that one minute you have all the time in the world then all of a sudden you have 5 minutes to get ready! So my plans to have a few drinks and take a few pics went out the window, i had to grab my camera and go!

So me and the T.F.B had a great time, me in my 90's inspired outfit and her in an 80's inspired outfit which i was digging! We didn't really get a chance to take pics last night so you will have to be satisfied with this...

The venue was an Idian Bar and Restuarant which was modern and trendy! I had a few drinks, got a little merry and danced my arse off! I will definately be looking out for the next one!

I have been thinking about doing vlogs about life situations, whatever is on my mind, hopefully the T.F.B will help me out and it will be a joint effort! We talk a lot about nothing so you should hear us ramble when we have something to say, its entertaining! So i will keep you posted about that, maybe you can give me some suggestions on topics close to your heart? We'll see how it goes these things take time! xoxo

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