Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Skirt-Gasms at D.P

I am loving Dorothy Perkins at the moment with their cute little dresses and skirts! All though i have told myself i can not afford to buy new clothes at the moment i can't deny that i am tempted! We'll see how i get on with that!
I've been checking out Asos recently and nothing is jumping out at me, also is it me or are they getting a little more expensive? Usually i find D.P more pricey at times but comparing the two i found Asos to be more costly!

So lately i have been thinking about my blog and what i want it to become, right now it is about nothing specific although it does tend to center more around clothes, which is ok of course, i do love clothes and besides its through reading fatshion blogs which inspired me to start mine. I am just finding it hard to keep my blog updated with OOTD pics which is partly because 1) i work most days in my uniform 2) i have no camera at the moment 3) i am lazy and forgetful.  Sometimes i think without the outfit pics there is no blog! So i've decided i want to broaden my blog, i don't want to lose the followers i have by going completely off topic but there is a lot more to me then what i wear and i want to share all my passions with you! (if you let me) Its gonna take some time to find direction but bear with me! xoxo


  1. Yooooooooooooooooo!

    Finally I worked out how to get involved!
    I'm definitely liking some of the skirts. Lots of vibrant colours! Some not so keen!

    As for your blogging, you can share about your culinary delights, baked goodies, work drams, night time escapades!!!1 You have a full life and as long as you keep the fashion included for all us fashion forward people I'm sure no one will be bored!!!

    Good luck finding your direction!


  2. I LOVE that blue skirt, I tried it on with a band t shirt and it looked super cool. Going to go back for it when I get paid. You should always google for voucher codes for DP I found a 25% off one last week and they sometimes have 10% off if you 'like' their facebook page.

    I love a blog that is broad, blog about what interests you and you can change it as much as you like, it's your blog! :)~