Monday, 13 June 2011

Its Been a Long Time Since I Left You....

Hi everybody its me, i am back! Sorry for the disappearing act these things happen from time to time!
So let me fill you in....

As you know the last time i had a spell of bad luck, unfortunately my camera situation is still the same, non existent! boo hoo! I guess this contributed to my absence i was feeling like there was no point of blogging without pictures! I guess i no longer care about the picture situation, my next gift to myself will have to be a camera.
On a happier note i finally have my own laptop! Thanks again to my flatmates for allowing me to take over their laptops much to their annoyance I'm sure! So now i can keep up with all you fellow bloggers!

 I did visit the beautiful city of Budapest! Let me be honest i had no enthusiasm when it came to this holiday i had no expectations! How wrong was I! It was BEAUTIFUL! I went with a bunch of people including my flatmates. It was only a long weekend but one i wont forget in a hurry! The weather was hot, the people were friendly, i had fun and drank a lot of beer which is strange considering i don't like the stuff!
Obviously i had no camera but i managed to steal these from my T.F.B enjoy! xoxo

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