Sunday, 26 June 2011

90's Fashion in 2011

When i remember the good old 90's i remember a lot of denim, crop tops, knee high socks, floral skirts, crazy prints, and leather jackets! That was my wardrobe anyway!
The reason for this post is research, I have an 80's vs 90's party in 2 weeks time, and i am not sure which fashion road to take, here's hoping you readers might lend me a helping hand!

I was born in 82 so i can't remember the fashion of the 80's which is why i have opted to take the 90's high road. But what do i wear?
I figure i can either go baggy  like T.L.C
Sassy with attitude like Salt ans Pepper
Or figure hugging like Mariah
Either way i like all elements, but when i look in my wardrobe i am blank! what can i say my imagination is lost with my vision, all i know is i want to be comfortable and enjoy myself which means no heels woo hoo! lol Don't get me wrong i do love heels but i don't think i can do the running man in them!

So i have picked out a piece to wear and i am somehow gonna  bring all three elements to it!
Once again Dorothy Perkins is taking over the show for me right now, i have purchased this Aztec print vest (delivery man needs to hurry up)

It reminds me of some of the funky print back in the 90's like...
So i plan on a denim shirt worn open over it (that's as baggy as i get) a black mini skirt with tights(figure hugging)  and footwear has to be some high tops, and a large gold style chain! (i think that covers the sassy with attitude part)
Of course this sounds good but i need to put it on to see if it really works! What do you think? what were your favourite trends of the 90's? xoxo

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