Friday, 13 May 2011

They Say Things Happen in 3's!

Hi readers, no I haven't abandoned you all just been having a spell of bad luck is all! Good news is I'm off work for 2 weeks! woop woop! I spent my first day of freedom chilling with mother we had a lovely lunch and i made the best darn mojito ever! 

Bad news is my camera is broken, hence no pics! I don't even know how it happened maybe i just don't care for my stuff enough? The other day i came home from work only to find my wardrobe decided to give up on me! The rail decided enough was enough, maybe it thought i was taking the piss with all the clothes trying to hold on for dear life! When your whole life is packed in one room its hard to fit it all in and i think with all the new clothes of recent i pushed my luck! So now i have to find the funds for new storage!

I am just waiting for the 3rd thing because they say it comes in 3's! Anyway this time next week i will be drowning my sorrows in Budapest! I can't wait to go but kinda sad i won't be able to take my camera!
Hopefully things will improve! How's the month of May treating you? xoxo

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