Monday, 6 December 2010

The Fear of Red Lipstick

Is it just me that is unsure of the colour red on my lips? Now I have never been one for bold colour on my lips, I have always been a tinted gloss kind of girl! To be honest I was just afraid of anything with too much colour on my lips because I used to think it would give me Jay Z lips! I was young and foolish then and now I have grown to love the fullness of my lips!
So last year Christmas I bought my first red from Mac, I don't have a picture of it but it was called Brave Red, the sales assistant told me to go for it but I should have known better than to trust a sales assistant for an honest opinion lol  I wore it a couple of times I got mixed reactions more bad than good to be honest, the lipstick was definitely too bright red for my skin tone. I have now realised that it's all about the skin tone and as a woman of colour I have to be careful of how red I go! ( of course this is just my view on the matter)

So I think I have it sussed, I know red's with an orange tint work well on my lips and deeper reds are good for me too! Here are 3 different shades one of them is a gloss.


This lipstick is not too strong in colour and I have to really apply this to get it looking more vibrant, I was unsure about it at first but I love it now!


I tried this on in the shop and wore it straight away, I like the matte finish to it and its richness in colour, after the disaster that was Brave Red I found this one with no help from a sales assistant might I add!


This is the gloss to end all glosses lol its so full of colour and has this glass like effect when it goes on. I debated about this one, I went home slept on it and then decided I needed it in my life! lol

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  1. im so happy that u tried on red lipstick girl! aynt it magical? i love the matte red the best on u. so pretty!