Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I'm Addicted To Looklet

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good week so far! I am just enjoying my last few hours of freedom before i'm back on the job!
I was trying to take some pics of my outfit yesterday since I actually left the house but it did'nt go very well, I now know I can't take pics of myself I need help or a tripod! usually I get my flatmate to take it but she wasn't available, so sorry to say no new pics!

I'm still trying out the online dating, but not much luck with that! I just cancelled my Dating Direct account because I found it a waste of money! All these websites require you to pay just so your able to browse or contact anyone! I signed up for one month because they had a special offer, they charged me £1.00 and then afterwards they would charge me as normal, I thought why not £1.00 won't break the bank.  All I have to say is that particular site is not for me, good luck to anyone who finds or has found someone through Dating Direct, my experience was the guys were either too old, or not my type or just plain strange! Its quite soul destroying looking and looking and not seeing anyone! Well I say on to the next one! lol

So while cruising the blogosphere, Delmy of Fashion Bananas did a post on some looks she created on Looklet, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link and since then I have been on that site non stop! Its a fashionista's dream! I enjoy simulated games like The sims (I was addicted to that too) Looklet is along those same line, just imagine you had all the clothes in the world, think of all the endless looks you can create!
You get a blank canvas (a model of your choice) you dress them from head to toe from bras to bags! You even get to change the scenery and add effects to the finished product here are some looks I created

So go get creative people, I know I am! xoxo


  1. I blame you for my new found addiction. I never heard of the site until today, and I already created 5 looks. I was addicted to the Sims too. It was so bad that I removed it from my computer in order to make sure I got to sleep at night and didn't miss work. I haven't played it again since. I don't think it will be that easy to give up the looklet...LOL