Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bling Bling and Blah Blah

This is bad, my first post for November, tut tut! I won't bother with excuses its just life!
One thing happened during my absence, I'm now a qualified First Aider, whoop whoop! lol I did the course for work, I get a little extra money so that's good cause I got stuff to buy!
I've had to reign in on the spending which has been torture. I did get my boots from Asos which are supa dupa comfy

I also bought some bling bling shoes and a clutch from Next, the only thing is the shoes are slightly too big but where there is a will there is a way and at £9 I couldn't let them go!
I picked up this top from H&M, I don't normally like big graphics or faces on my clothes but there's something about the top that kept calling me, the face is abstract so I can live with it.

Here's a little something my T.F.B (Top Flight Bredrin) bought me from Primarni (Primark to everyone one else) Its a beautiful brotch!

In other news I've decided to go back to online dating, I've had no luck in the past but I'm no quitter! I'm in a different zone, I feel different about what I want and I'm ready to find my Mr Right! Lately I've been fantasizing more than usual, its always the same, meeting Mr Right and all the perfection that comes with it, getting married, the house e.t.c. I'm 28 and I'm tired of being alone! All I've ever wanted was to be in a relationship that had love, romance blah blah blah!
I hate feeling like I will never meet someone I like. My friends bounce from one relationship to another with ease, sometimes I think it's because I'm fat and that makes me undesirable? I know that's my issues right there! I know I'm a good woman and whoever gets me will be lucky, my ex found that out too late!!

I know nothing happens before its time so I wait eagerly and patiently and say universe please send me someone who loves me mentally and physically, someone who is romantic, patient, funny, intelligent, caring, considerate, spontaneous, and someone who is beautiful inside and out!! I don't think that's too much to ask?
So until then I will appreciate my friends and family and learn to love myself everyday. 

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  1. Your Mr Perfect is out there somewhere! And NO! Being big isnt why you dont jump from one relationship to the next!

    As for that H&M top, I have gone into the shop, seen it, liked it, and tried on at least six times, and everytime I see it on me, I am disappointed! When are you going to post pics wearing it? I want to see who you will style it!